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31 Best Scary Roblox Horror Games In 2023

Roblox Scary Games Welcome to our list of the best scary Roblox games, a list we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, being devout fans of horror games and all that.

We’ve picked 31 spine-chilling Roblox horror games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

These games offer immersive experiences, heart-pounding jump scares, and creepy monsters that will haunt your dreams. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of scary Roblox games.

1. The Asylum

the asylum The Asylum by Eagle Studios was pretty popular as one of the most scary Roblox games out there a couple of years ago.

In it, players find themselves trapped in an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

With its grisly atmosphere, jump scares and creepy sound effects, this multiplayer Roblox horror game promises an experience that will make you forget all about the shoddy graphics.

Once you’ve finished Chapter 1, there’s Chapter 2 to explore as well. The second installment will have you investigating another building near the asylum.

Trust us, it’s a lot of fun to play, especially with friends. You can get passes for up to 4 friends, a brighter flashlight and increased walking speed.

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2. Insane Elevator

insane elevator Insane Elevator takes players on a scary elevator ride through various horror scenarios, with different monsters on every level.

In this scary Roblox game, you’ll feel your heart skip a beat at the sound of each ding as the doors slide open on various levels and tease you into exploring what fresh terror awaits you.

Some of the monsters are not quite as dangerous, such as evil SpongeBob and Siren Head.

But then are others like Slender Man and Link from Zelda who are not as easy to get away from.

The point of the game is to see if you can survive each floor and get back on the elevator without freezing up from the jump scares or at the claws of a monster.

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3. The Mirror

the mirror In The Mirror, you find yourself alone in an empty room with mildew creeping down the walls.

There’s a mirror in front of you, a switch to dim or brighten the overhead lights and a set of instructions taped to the wall.

If this scary Roblox game has been inspired by the real life experiment by Dr. Giovanni B Caputo from the University of Urbino, then what you have to do is pretty clear — stare at the mirror until you start seeing something eerie.

But wait, there’s a door behind you.

So should you continue looking into the mirror or explore what’s behind the door?

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4. Alone in a Dark House

alone in a dark horse Alone in a Dark House is a single-player scary Roblox horror game where you take on the role of a private investigator who’s asked to solve a peculiar murder case.

The investigation surrounds a car crash in which two passengers were found with their heads split open, and the driver of the car has gone missing.

The chief of police asks you to start by exploring the couple’s house. You are also tasked with telling their son Eric (should you find him) about the tragedy.

This scary Roblox game challenges players to swallow their fear in order to crack puzzles, avoid traps, and find their way through claustrophobia-inducing passageways as they try to solve the double murder.

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5. Roses

roses We had to add Roses to this list for its nostalgia factor more than anything else. This was a horror game that received two nominations for the 6th Annual Bloxys, after all.

The first version had players escaping with an inmate from a mental institution.

But it was updated later to alter the plot and have the main character searching for his friend Max in the abandoned Newport Asylum.

The beautifully designed game stands testament to the building talent of its creator, “Michaelvanderfin.” It was later acquired by Clockwork Entertainment.

There’s no doubt that Roses would have been a great game had it been completed fully.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to update it any longer and gamers stand to gain little from collecting “roses”. It’s still worth a gander though.

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6. Dead Silence

dead silence Dead Silence is a multiplayer horror game on Roblox which has the players (or player, if you want to go solo) investigating a missing person’s case.

You’re looking for Leslie Withers, a cop who has vanished while on patrol.

Your journey starts from a network of sewers as you follow the clues to figure out the mystery of her disappearance.

From the sewers, you find your way into what looks to be an abandoned railway line and maintenance rooms along both sides.

Would you dare to continue your investigations as you come across ominous signs of Satanic rituals, blood and skulls strewn about the place?

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7. Dark Corners

dark corners The premise of Dark Corners is pretty simple. You have to find your way to the exit through a maze of very poorly lit passages in chapter 1 in this scary Roblox game.

There are four chapters you can play, each with a similar setting and one goal (which we won’t spoil).

As you go through the corridors collecting glowing shards, thus obliterating all traces of light behind you, you will feel a sense of doom and dread creeping over you.

The developer is not planning any further updates to the title. But it still is worth a spin for fans of scary games like this.

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8. Breaking Point

breaking point Breaking Point combines tense party game elements with various horrifying scenarios, which is why it’s a perfect addition to our list of scary Roblox games.

In this multiplayer game, players must outlast each other, all while dealing with the ever-present threat of a mysterious murderer in their midst.

This thrilling mix of deception and paranoia will keep you on your toes until you’re the last person standing…or not.

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9. Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery 2 Murder Mystery 2 pits players against one another in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

As either the murderer, the sheriff, or an innocent bystander, players must use their wits to survive and uncover the killer’s identity.

It’s probably not the best fit for this list if you’re only looking for dark, scary games.

But it is fun to play as you race around trying not to get killed until the timer runs out and sets you free.

With its blend of suspense and strategy, Murder Mystery 2 is a must-play for fans of online party games like this.

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10. The Apartment

the apartment The Apartment by “TubPong” immerses players in a haunting experience where they must explore an apartment building and uncover its dark history.

In it, your friend asks you to visit him in room 705. You enter the poorly lit lobby and see that the elevator is barred by yellow tape; it’s not working.

You look for the stairs and start climbing your way to the 7th floor. Should you explore every floor on the way, or should you go straight up?

The choice is entirely yours.

The lack of background music enhances the eeriness of your experience as all you can hear are your footsteps as you make your way through the passageways.

They’re lit by flickering lights and haunted by everyday sounds like a baby crying and a woman giggling.

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11. The Rake REMASTERED:

the rake remastered Experience terror like never before in The Rake Remastered, an enhanced version of the well-known horror game for Roblox.

Players find themselves in a forested area with a cave in which a dreaded monster lurks..but only until darkness falls.

They must work together to survive the relentless nocturnal attacks of the dreaded Rake and hopefully, kill it.

Equipped with only a flashlight and their wits, players must use strategy, cooperation, and stealth to evade the creature and escape alive in this scary game.


12. True Backrooms Renovated

True Backrooms Renovated This next option in our roster of scary Roblox games is True Backrooms.

It takes inspiration from the internet urban legend of The Backrooms, a seemingly endless labyrinth of featureless rooms and hallways.

Gamers are tasked with navigating this unnerving environment while avoiding hostile entities that roam the dark corners.

The audio is baked in perfectly. The sound of your footsteps as you race through a sprawling, dimly lit office complex and the adjoining the service tunnels, store rooms, ventilator shafts and underground parking spaces, is enough to give you nightmares.

Get True Backrooms

13. Geisha

Geisha Geisha is a spine-tingling Roblox horror game set in a cursed Oriental village. In chapter 1, you wake up in a Japanese-style house and are given the task of finding the key to escape with your life.

You are being chased by the Teke-Teke, the ghost of a Japanese schoolgirl who died from being run over the cut in half by a train.

There are three chapters, with each of them containing different monsters and evil spirits you have to fight.

There aren’t that many great scary games, which is why Geisha, with its rich lore, is in our lineup of the best scary Roblox games to play.

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14. Zombie Attack

zombie attack Prepare to fight for survival in Zombie Attack, one of the best Roblox horror games for zombie game fans.

Team up with your friends to defend yourselves against waves of relentless zombies and bosses.

Collect powerful weapons, level up your character, and fight your way through multiple environments in this horror adventure.

There are several weapons and passes you can get to give you an edge. They will cost you some precious Robux, of course.

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15. The Mimic

the mimic The Mimic is a scary Roblox horror game that is widely claimed to have brought this genre into vogue on this platform.

Inspired from unique horror stories from Japanese history and urban legends, this creation by Mucdich contains several chapters which challenge players to navigate a terrifying maze of passageways sprinkled with jump scares.

You can play in different modes including Survival and Nightmare.

The chapters will having you fleeing for your life from different monsters such as Hiachi, Omukade, Megumi, Saigomo and so on.

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16. Rainbow Friends

rainbow friends Step into the unsettling world of Rainbow Friends, a Roblox game that cleverly disguises its horrors behind a seemingly innocent facade.

Oh, did we say ‘innocent’? It actually gets disquieting pretty early on. You’re headed to Odd World, which sounds like a fun place, with your friends.

Suddenly, the bus crashes and everyone appears to be dead.

But you’ll wake up shortly in a sort of carnival-themed place and are asked to complete certain tasks and not get killed (again) while doing them.

Navigate through a colorful yet creepy environment, solving puzzles and running from malevolent beings that will try to get you before nightfall.

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17. Paranormica

paranormica Paranormica is a multiplayer ghost-hunting Roblox game that tasks players with investigating haunted locations and collecting evidence of paranormal activity.

As they explore eerie environments, players will encounter ghostly apparitions and other-worldly phenomena.

There are several helpful items (Crucifix, Flashlight, Spirit Book, Sanity Donut Night Vision Camera and more) you can take along with you to help you survive the experience.

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18. The Horror Mansion

the horror mansion The Horror Mansion is a fun game in our list of scary Roblox games to play. The objective is simple – you must do everything you can to survive the mansion of horrors.

A new murderer appears on the map for two whole minutes. You have to escape the rampage until the countdown timer hits zero.

The idea might not sound bone-chilling.

But keeping your cool and staying alive while hearing the sounds of people being taken down by the killer is hard.

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19. Stop It, Slender!

stop it slender Stop It, Slender! is inspired by the internet urban legend of Slenderman. In this Roblox game, players must work together to collect hidden pages.

But wait, you are the monster here and the rest are trying to steal your pages! You have to take down all of them before the 6-minute timer runs out.

As Slenderman, you have the power of teleporting and invisibility. You can kill your victims by tricking them into looking at you, or harm them by touching them.

Your job is to finish off all the members of the party before they find all the pages and escape your clutches.

Get Stop It, Slender!

20. It Lurks

it lurks There are few experiences as terrifying as playing a scary game all by yourself.

It Lurks is on our list of best scary Roblox games for those who are brave enough to try this single-player offering next.

It contains five chapters and begins with your player character being told by his dad (who’s going out for supplies) to be in bed by 10 pm.

You roam around the unnaturally empty house, investigating its nooks and crannies in this scary game.

Then you see an emergency broadcast on TV asking viewers to barricade themselves in their houses since a nameless, hostile entity is on the prowl.

Get It Lurks

21. Bear (ALPHA)

bear alpha In Bear (ALPHA), players find themselves in a forest with a bear on the loose. Their objective is to escape the ferocious animal.

The Roblox game features various obstacles and puzzles that players must deal with in order to survive.

The bear is always lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on its victims. Can you and your friends outwit him until the timer goes off?

With its tense atmosphere and challenging gameplay, Bear (ALPHA) is a must-play for fans of scary Roblox games.

Get Bear (ALPHA)

22. Project Lazarus: Zombies

project lazarus zombies If you love zombies and shooting games, this classic horror shooter is for you.

Project Lazarus: Zombies is the perfect co-op shooter in the horror genre even if it isn’t one of the most scariest Roblox games.

In it, players must defend their ground from hordes of undead creatures in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the walking dead.

All the action takes place in a building that’s been boarded up at strategic points. You have to shoot down any zombies that are trying to tear down these barricades and get to your team.

The game leaves a wide variety of weapons and tools at your disposal so that you can really look forward to a thrilling experience.

Get Project Lazarus: Zombies

23. Identity Fraud

identity fraud Identity Fraud is an interesting Roblox game that challenges players to navigate mazes filled with chilling surprises (and a disco room!).

There are three mazes to uncover, a bit of Morse code to decode and a bunch of monsters to overcome so that you progress to the final stage.

What is in the final stage, you ask? It’s the big boss fight, of course.

But you won’t get to this last stage unless you manage to evade all the entities that attempt to thwart you on your journey.

Get Identity Fraud

24. The Darkness Beyond

the darkness beyond The Darkness Beyond is a somewhat new Roblox horror game that can be played alone or with friends.

But it’s one of those titles that is best enjoyed in multiplayer mode, according to us. The game opens with a cut-scene which delivers the inciting incident.

You’re chilling with your friends at home when there’s a knock at the door. One of you opens the door and encounters a pair of glowing eyes blooming in ‘the darkness beyond’.

Hurry up and stock up on items such an alarm system, window guard, open counter and camera system so that you can keep the terrifying entity from entering your house by every means possible.

Get The Darkness Beyond

25. A Wolf or Other

a wolf or other Next in our roster of best scary games is A Wolf or Other.

You begin by spinning the dial to get the role assigned to you by chance. You will be able to play as a werewolf, an innocent bystander or a hunter.

If you become the monster everyone fears, your player character won’t have the appearance of a werewolf until you bring out your claws to strike.

Do so very carefully, because while others might run away from you, the hunter is actually looking for you.

Don’t go on the rampage with absolute abandon! You never know when the hero will get you in the back with a well-aimed arrow.

Get A Wolf or Other

26. Judy

judy Judy is an atmospheric horror game that plays across three chapters. The plot centers on the vanishing of a Hollywood star named Judy.

The opening chapter will have you (and your friends, if you’re playing in multiplayer mode) exploring an abandoned theme park from the 1970s.

All sorts of chaos ensue as you solve puzzles while trying not to get killed by haunted animatronics including a centipede-robot-Judy.

We won’t get into the details for the rest of the chapters of this horror Roblox game. Find them out for yourself.

Get Judy

27. Midnight Horrors

midnight horrors Midnight Horrors is a multiplayer horror game with various maps and monsters on them (including the scary corn game).

According to the developer, CaptainSpinxs, there are more than 450 killers to beat. Your objective is to survive until the timer runs out.

Every time the countdown stops, you will find yourself in a fresh arena, facing off a murderer.

There are several badges to win here such as Survive the Third Impact, Bobox Billionaire, Survive a Blackout Round and more.

Get Midnight Horrors

28. Hotel Stories

hotel stories Next in our Roblox horror games list is Hotel Stories. You and your friends are in a hotel room when you hear a blood-curdling scream.

Then there’s a knock at the door.

It’s the bellhop, Mr. Smith. He states that the hotel management wants all the guests to be evacuated as soon as possible.

As your group makes its way to the exit, you will face many chilling encounters from the darkness and beyond the grave.

Get Hotel Stories

29. Three Nightmares

three nightmares Three Nightmares is a game that features three different horror experiences in one package, each with its unique set of scares and challenges.

The first one unravels by asking you to find your way to a house by following the lanterns. Once you get inside, you realize that you are locked in.

There are many locked doors, but only one key which fits into the correct lock.

As you search desperately for the right combination, jump scares and ghoulish faces haunt you.

Get Three Nightmares

30. The Maze

the maze The Maze is a heart-pounding horror game that traps players in an intricate, ever-changing labyrinth.

You spawn next to a camper van and find a note outside telling you that the entrance of the maze is nearby. But first, you must stock up on any useful items you can find in the vehicle.

You have to enter the maze by dropping down through a hole in the ground. And once you get there, you discover that this isn’t some fun maze built out of green hedges.

It looks like the terrifying catacombs of Paris. This is the perfect setting for any Roblox horror game.

If you see glowing lights, don’t run toward them, no matter how scared you are of the dark!

Get The Maze


doors DOORS is a very popular Roblox horror game that is centered around solving puzzles and escaping rooms. What’s more, the graphics are really magnificent too.

In this game, players must use their wits and problem-solving skills to navigate through a series of challenging rooms filled with obstacles, traps, and puzzles.

DOORS is a must-play for fans of escape room-style scary horror games.

It features a variety of rooms with different themes and challenges, ranging from simple to highly complex.

It’s one of the scariest games in which you can spend time with friends and test your puzzle-solving skills.



Roblox offers a diverse array of horror games to satisfy the tastes of any fan of scary games.

From eerie single-player experiences to thrilling multiplayer modes, these best scary Roblox games deliver spine-chilling entertainment for all.

Popular FAQs

Q: What are the best horror games on Roblox?

A: The best horror games on Roblox include The Mimic, The Apartment, Dead Silence, The Rake: Classic Edition, and Alone in a Dark House.

These horror Roblox games offer a wide range of experiences, from exploring haunted locations to facing horrifying creatures.

Q: Are there any multiplayer Roblox horror games?

A: Yes, there are many Roblox horror games you can play multiplayer, including The Rake, The Cult Family, The Forest, and The Haunted Imperial Hotel.

These games allow players to collaborate with friends or other players as they face terrifying challenges together.

Q: Can I play Roblox horror games on mobile devices?

A: Yes, many scary Roblox games are compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to experience the thrill of scary games on the go.

But some games may have limited functionality or may not be available on all platforms.

Additionally, you technically can’t play Roblox on PS Vita (PS4 or PS5). Neither would you want to play Roblox on Switch unless you were willing to take the risk of bricking your device.

You should instead check out some games similar to Roblox if you own a Sony or Nintendo console.

Q: Are there any Roblox horror games similar to Minecraft?

A: While Roblox and Minecraft have distinct differences, there are horror games on Roblox that may appeal to fans of Minecraft’s survival and building elements, such as The Forest or Nightmare Mines.

These games offer exploration and combat experiences that may be familiar to Minecraft players.

Q: Do Roblox horror games have age restrictions?

A: Roblox horror games, like other Roblox games, may have age restrictions depending on their content.

Players must check the age rating and content warnings before playing any scary Roblox horror games.