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SatNav SatGuide LCU service launched in India

SatNav SatGuide LCU Launch

SatNav’s latest creation is the new Voice based Navigation Direction Service called SatGuide LCU (Lost? Need Directions? Call Us!) for all the phone users across India. It claims to be the first ever Voice based Navigation Direction Service to be introduced in the Indian market.

Whether it’s searching directions, ATMs/banks or visiting unknown places. Put all your worries aside as the new Satnav service brings it right at your finger tips. All you need to do is make a phone call wherein a live agent will either guide you live or send an SMS with the required details such as distances and road names with landmarks. However, make sure that wherever you go, the phone network follows.

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As we know, the demography of the city changes rapidly with the addition of several new services, utilities and entertainment destinations, SatNav Technologies offers its new simplified GPS technology so that you are always within the reach.

“India is a highly populated country with many unnamed roads and destinations. The country’s requirement at the moment is a need based Navigation Service. LCU is the first of its kind service and now we have launched the 1800-103-5656 number with the aim of making this service available to the general public. SatNav has always been a pioneer when it comes to GPS and with LCU we hope to take navigation to the next level in India ” says Mr. Amit Prasad, CEO & Founder MD, SatNav Technologies.

‘Reliance Communications was the first operator to provide this service. Following the successful completion of the pilot project in Andhra Pradesh on Reliance Communications network, the service is being launched nation-wide. There are plans to offer this service at affordable subscription rates for Reliance Customers.’ says Mr Swaminanthan, Regional Head, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, Reliance Communications.

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GPS has yet to firm its roots in India and is not available to all, SatNav now introduces a prepaid voucher scheme with a toll free call made to 1 800 103 5656, it can be used by all, irrespective of their telecom provider. All you need to do is purchase vouchers worth Rs 100 that offer 15 minutes of talk time from SatGuide website. These vouchers will also be available through E-Zone, Croma, Staples, Reliance AutoZone and more. The Reliance customers can exclusively call on 56694 404. Apparently, the LCU service is available from 6:30am to 11:30pm throughout the week.

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