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Satguide Moov200 PND Review: Simple yet effective

Satguide Moov200 PND

Off course on a road trip? Want to reach somewhere but lily-livered of asking too many directions? Or just want to plan your travel schedule for the day? Happy realization that such instances do not ensue now-a-days provided you are holding on to some reliable navigation device. Today, the time has changed, so have the ways of covering ground! Manufacturers from every corner are pegging away to help you keep on track, ensuring that you safely reach where you thought of before stepping on your doorstep.

The personal navigation devices have surely got down to basics and simplified the blues of constant travel fiends. From simple maps to mobile phones apps to an integrated navigation service in a mobile phone, route guidance has always been there! Joining the flock, the recent personal navigation device to be made available in the India is the Satnav Satguide Moov200. To help you decide whether it crops up as reliable, the device finally hops onto our desks to topple a comprehensive review of the Moov200 PND.

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Glimpsing over Moov200 strung our mind chords and made us remember what Baltasar Gracian once observed – ‘things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets’. Well, the device looks like a simple black plastic box shaped gadget. It’s fully black body is mostly made up of plastic except for the front screen bezel which is dark metallic. The body presents a decent design but not the most attractive one out there. Designed to be easy to carry around, the back houses a mono on-board speaker. The overall build quality is fair but not sturdy as the plastic finish feels a bit tacky. We just wish if the device was draped in a little dapper and jazzy body.

The navigation device comes pre-loaded with the maps of 628 Indian cities and global support. To catch those weary expressions, Moov200 isn’t just a navigation gizmo but also bundles up entertainment functionalities.

The lightweight device equips a 3.5-inch touchscreen and 3.3″ x 4.9″ x 0.7″ dimensions. The upper edge is integrated with an off/off/reset switch while the lower edge with a mini USB connector and an LED sits just below the screen. This LED indicator turns green to alert full battery while it turns amber while charging. Its left inclined side is integrated with memory card slot that supports SD/SDHC/MMC cards. The in-box contents include user manual, CD, GPS unit, USB data cable, wall/car charger, and windshield mount.

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Navigation, Audio, Videos, Pictures and Settings – are its main menu features. Starting with Navigation, the Moov200 is powered by Satguide Map Software and includes about 3.5 million points of interest. Interestingly, we could add our favorite POIs like home, office and hangouts. The interface while navigating is pretty simple, once you set the GPS signal just select the destination and the device takes less than 30 seconds to calculate the route and its ready to ‘Go’. We found the routes quite viewable even in sunlight, thanks to its 3.5-inch 320 x 240 pixel anti-glare screen. The system claims to eliminate the satellite acquisition time with the incorporated 20-channel SiRFstarIII receiver with InstantFixII. However, it did take some time to acquire the connection.

We liked the way how all the inputs are emplaced via the touchscreen display. This specified setting helped us choose between short and quick routes to reach our particular destination. While navigating, we also gave a try at both 2D and 3D views. The device allows users to avoid a particular street while routing and those who want to reach their destination by foot can put aside the driving mode and opt for the pedestrian mode. The Moov200 displays the current street on the lower part of the device while reaching the destination. Turn-by-turn navigation and the text-to-speech capability add to the convenience. The driving instructions are enunciated out loud and clear. The device also comes with a demonstration mode and a tutorial.

One thing that literally fretted us was the unresponsiveness of the touchscreen at times. The screen required additional pressure to response. Just imagine you are stuck up somewhere and buzz this box for a direction and it doesn’t respond? Or even worse you are clogged almost in a perilous situation and the device doesn’t listen to your demands? Apart from this, the system lagged quite a few times. But concurrently, on positive front, it proffers a QWERTY or alphabetic keyboard that truly simplifies searches while spotting a particular place. By slip-up if you take a wrong route then Moov200 re-calculates the new route instantly, so here you can rely on it! Making a lot of things easier, it can also capably record the route from the start to destination. We could reckon on a trip using the device’s Multi-stop planner.

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Moov200 PND

Coming to another side of the device ‘Entertainment’, the Moov200 kept us clung like ivy to music and videos while on the go. However, we couldn’t navigate whilst lending an ear to music as it supports one function at a time. On audio front, you’ll get the mediocre music quality but loud one for sure. The interface is designed to be simple with volume control touch keys alongside pause, play/pause and forward/rewind touch icons. An icon on the lower left of the screen takes one to the Playlists, Genres and Artists to view the song details and the device supports several popular file formats. Nonetheless, loading music was a simple drag and drop procedure. We could not access other functions while pricking up ears on our favorite tunes. The device does not support headphones so one cannot ‘be all ears’ to the tunes in a hustle-bustle, elbow-to-elbow place. The inclusion of a 3.5mm jack could have been praiseworthy.

Meanwhile analyzing, we loaded the PND with some of our favorite videos. However, we were disappointed with its below-average video quality. Apart from conversion of a few file formats, we had to simply drag and drop the videos into the folder on connecting Moov200 to the PC.

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The personal navigation device further endures pictures, letting us seize few of our favorite moments. The display quality snoozed in as quite decent and we could view the pictures in the form of slide-show. The settings enabled us to choose the time interval between one and five seconds. The switch effects included are delicate, random and gentle. It offers an option of background music which can be easily turned on or off. By turning the background music, users can add music to their slide-shows.

As we moved on, the Settings option in the main menu let us tweak the backlight, screen and volume. The Moov200 goes easy on power by turning off the backlight after music begins in 1, 5, 10 or 30 seconds. Apart from the pre-installed maps, one can snap up additional maps from satguide.com. To stretch out its reach, the device supports nine local languages. Coming to the most basic yet important part, the battery life functioned quite decently. However, we found the price tag a bit heavy.

Our Shout

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The Moov2000 personal navigation device sums as a simple navigation device with chunks of entertainment features. If you are looking for a very simple navigation device, then this one pops up! The Satnav Satguide Moov200 gets a 7 out of 10 rating from us. It is up for grabs in India at a price of Rs. 13,990.

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