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Satechi Audio Move SD stereo speaker hits availability status

Satechi SD Stereo Speaker 1

The Satechi Audio Move SD stereo speaker is making its presence felt in the audio terrain by flaunting various entertainment features all wrapped up in a portable design. The pocket-sized speaker boasts of a compact form factor that tips the scale at 4.7oz, enabling music lovers to easily port the device around, especially while traveling.

The melody-proffering gadget is complete with a 32GB microSDHC card slot, allowing audiophiles to store as many as 600 albums. The integration of a 3.5mm audio jack makes it compatible with the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry Playbook, Android phones as well MP3 players, netbooks and tablets. Basically, any device with a 3.5mm jack can be connected to the speaker. Plus, directly reeling out tracks from the microSDHC or microSD cards, allows the player to blare out music for up to 17 hours.

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Satechi SD Stereo Speaker 2

Additionally, if the gadget is connected to any other device with a 3.5mm jack, then it is capable of playing songs for up to 24 hours. The stereo speaker is ideal for parties and picnics as its various attributes help enhance the music listening experience. The Audio Move SD is embedded with a lithium polymer battery which can be recharged either by connecting it to a USB port or with the help of a 5V USB adapter.

Prospective users can head to Satechi.net to get their hands on the Satechi Audio Move SD stereo speaker at a price of $29.99 with 1 year warranty. This music peripheral can also be picked up from Amazon.com.

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