SanDisk Sansa Clip Music Player unveiled

SanDisk Sansa Clip music player

Cool and compact music players are the buzz of the time. As the capacities of these players keep increasing; interestingly their sizes keep getting more and more diminutive, just like the present day models’ figures. And now SanDisk joins the bandwagon, once again if I may add.

Sandisk has launched the Sansa Clip music player. The new Sandisk clip-on gizmo features a 4 line OLED display.

In addition, the SanDisk Sansa Clip music player packs in the following:

  • 92db signal-to-noise ratio
  • FM and voice recorders
  • MP3 and WMA support
  • Available in 1GB and 2GB capacities
  • You can get your Sansa Clip in Red, Black, Pink, and Blue. Priced at $40 and $60 for the 1GB and 2GB models respectively, SanDisk’s player is slated to hit shelves this September.

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