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6 Sandboxie Alternatives

We have some Sandboxie alternatives for all those of you who are willing to look beyond this software to carry out program isolation in your systems. They may not exactly be like this application, but they definitely know how to safeguard your operating system by creating a virtual environment. The utility in question creates a separate section where malicious software can be trapped so your OS is safe and there’s no way they can break out of it. You can even choose to save downloaded content or install programs in the isolated area so there’s absolutely no threat to your Windows platform.

The attributes mentioned above can be found in the substitutes of the software that we have listed below. And to make it simple for you to shortlist that one utility, we have described each of the options in brief. Take a look at their main features and pick the one that you think fits the bill perfectly.

1 – BufferZone:

BufferZone is meant for commercial use and is basically designed to keep the corporate network and sensitive data safe from malicious software. It creates an isolated Virtual Zone for online applications and potentially harmful programs to ensure that malware cannot seep into the network.


All of your downloaded programs, browsing activity files from external sources are saved in the virtual environment so as to safeguard your hard drive and the OS from all kinds of threats. And if the developers of the program are to be believed, it refrains keyloggers, malware, spyware, adware, rootkits, worms, viruses and more from getting into your system and causing any irreversible damage.

Price: Free (personal use) Free trial

2 – Shadow Defender:

Shadow Defender is a program like Sandboxie that is capable of protecting PC’s real environment from malicious software and virus attacks. It activates the Shadow Mode and redirects all the changes to it so as to ensure that your real system doesn’t have to endure any kind of untoward activities.

Shadow Defender

And if you do notice something amiss, just reboot and the system will be restored to the original state. You get to decide what is important and what can be saved in the real section so you do not end up losing content when the computer is restarted. With Shadow Defender running in your computer, you can rest assured because it prevents viruses and malware to enter it, thus letting you surf the web safely.

Price: $35

3 – iCore Virtual Account:

iCore VA is basically an isolated virtual machine that runs in the system so malware and viruses cannot get to the hardware or the operating system of your computer. This software lets you create as many virtual accounts as you want so you can install new programs, browse the internet and do a number of other things without worrying about affecting your data in any way.

iCore Virtual Account

And in case you think you don’t need a certain machine anymore, you can easily delete it with a click of your mouse. It works on the OS kernel level and completely utilizes the system hardware for optimal performance.

Price: Free

4 – GeSWall:

Next up on the roster of software similar to Sandboxie is GeSWall, a software that completely eliminates the possibility of someone getting unauthorized access to your system and of data theft or damage. All your internet exposed applications are isolated and an access restriction policy is applied to prevent any kind of attack or document leak.


The applications that come under the scanner include web browsers, e-mail, chat, IRC clients and more. And if that’s not enough, the tool makes it impossible for malicious software to leave the isolated area and enter the real Windows environment. It goes without saying that you can configure the settings of the software.

Price: Free

5 – ReturNil:

Apart from featuring a virtual system, ReturNil has system restore, antivirus, and anti-malware tools in its kitty which give you the freedom of trying out all types of internet applications without worrying about damaging the PC. The program boasts of an advanced virtualization technology which basically creates a copy of your OS to set up a parallel environment.


All of your internet-based activities are carried out in this virtual setting and the actual operating system is not affected by any kind of virus, Trojans, malware or other threats. Restarting your PC takes you back to the original system settings and while you are working in the virtual one, you can choose to save your files and documents to the real environment so you do not end up losing them when you reboot.

Price: Free (personal use)

6 – Evalaze:

And the final option to have made it to our lineup of programs like Sandboxie is Evalaze, a program that uses software virtualization to create an environment that permits you to run applications without installing them in the traditional way. Apart from keeping your core system safe, it even lets you run different versions of a program at the same time.


Like all the other substitutes mentioned above, it too makes it impossible for malicious software to attack your system and damage sensitive data. And as no applications are anchored to your real OS, you can bid farewell to issues like slow-downs and crashes for good.

Price: €69.95


So are you willing to ditch your current software for one of these Sandboxie alternatives? If yes, then do tell us which one you’d like to go for. And when you try it out, get back to us with your views and opinions regarding that program. You can even tell us about other similar applications. Just drop in the name in the comments section below. And we have also compiled a list of substitutes to VirtualBox, take a look.