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Samsung’s working on its own self-driving car

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Samsung’s revving up to join the likes of Google, Uber, and Apple in the race to perfect the art of the self-driving car. The South Korean tech giant has just gotten approval from the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to start conducting test runs on roads.

Samsung now becomes one of 20 firms in South Korea allowed to flex its autonomous car muscles in public spaces. Hyundai was the first to get approval. Coincidentally, the former is carrying out its evaluations in a commercialized Hyundai vehicle that’s been furnished with cutting-edge cameras and sensors.

As per The Korea Herald, Samsung is working on top-of-the-line sensors and computer modules which will be powered by artificial intelligence and deep-learning technologies. Its efforts are being directed towards improving an autonomous car’s capabilities even in tough weather conditions.

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South Korea’s land ministry is looking to boost industry growth by easing regulations on self-driving vehicles. For instance, it’s now allowing brands to produce cars without steering wheels or pedals. Moreover, the number of compulsory passengers has dropped down to 1 instead of 2.

Over in California, Apple is also test driving its autonomous cars on roads. Its mysterious Project Titan initiative got approval last month after many years of secrecy. One of its vehicles was even caught on camera recently, giving the world a rare glimpse at what the company might be planning.

Apple is said to be focusing on the software side of things rather than building a car itself. It’s not clear if Samsung has something similar planned. We’ll let you know as and when more information emerges.