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Samsung’s Internet browser now supports ad-blocking

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has gone the way of iOS and decided to allow ad-blockers in its native Internet app which comes pre-installed in all its Android handsets. It’s a major development, considering the storm of controversy which had erupted when Apple had decided to permit the feature in Safari last year.

Samsung is probably looking to attract users away from the rival Chrome app which also comes in-built with all Android handsets. It’s a common practice among consumers to make the more popular latter app the default browser. However, the Google offering does not support ad-blockers in its mobile avatar, only letting the tools function on its desktop platform.

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Users with Android 5.0 Lollipop-based handsets and above will begin receiving the upgrade to version 4.0 of Samsung Internet gradually. The first third-party application taking advantage of this new ability is Adblock Fast. The open-source company claims it has a user base of 200000 across various platforms including Chrome, iOS and Opera.

Like other content blockers, Adblock Fast promises to load webpages more quickly. It apparently uses up to 6 times less system resources such as disk space and memory than other apps, thanks to employing only 7 filtering rules compared to the 49002 which Adblock Plus utilizes.

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Samsung isn’t the first Android-sporting brand to offer ad-blocking to its consumers. Asus had previously announced it was planning to ship all its smartphones in 2016 with Adblock Plus pre-installed. The tool will be available by default within its native browser which apparently boasts of around 15 million users.

While ad-blockers have been around for a long time now, it’s only recently that mobile browsers have begun offering support for it. Websites lose out on a significant source of revenue due to the use of such applications. Only time will tell if the new feature will be enough to compel users to switch to Samsung Internet.

You can now download Adblock Fast via the Google Play Store.

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