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Samsung’s foldable phones to come out in Q3 2017

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A new report out of South Korea alleges that Samsung is going to bring its foldable smartphones to light in the third quarter of the year. The fresh information falls in line with earlier rumors that also predicted a Q3 or Q4 launch.

A source told The Korea Herald that Samsung is planning to produce more than 100000 units of a fold-out type of device in Q3 2017. The phone is apparently going to sport panels that can be unfolded into a 7-inch tablet. Intriguingly, the report asserts that the manufacturer had previously developed fold-in handsets.

These tucked the screen inwards instead of outwards. However, Samsung thought people might find it inconvenient to unfold their smartphone every single time they wanted to use it. It supposedly began working on fold-out technologies back in August last year as a result.

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Samsung reportedly still hasn’t made a call as to whether or not it’ll unveil its bendable phone this year in spite of completing technical details. Multiple sources claim that it’s worried about marketability and profitability issues. The brand is apparently going to make a final decision after the personnel reshuffle of its company’s IT and mobile unit is finished.

Samsung will likely have to face-off against rival LG upon the launch of its foldable phones. The latter is expected to come out with 100000 twisting devices of its own in Q4 2017. It’s own fold-out technology is rumored to be more advanced than Samsung’s since it’s been working on the technique for over 2 to 3 years.

While Samsung plans to use its foldable acumen for its own Galaxy line of smartphones, LG might partner up with clients like Apple or Huawei.