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Samsung’s foldable phone to come out at MWC 2019

Samsung Foldable Phone
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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might be getting launched earlier than expected this year in order to accommodate the brand’s other big release – a one-of-a-kind foldable phone. Rumor has it that the former will be unveiled in January at the CES 2019, while the latter will come out in February at the MWC 2019.

Next year’s CES is set to kick off on January 8 and stick around till January 11. Samsung is reportedly going to start obtaining components for the Galaxy S10 in October. It’ll probably do the same for its bendable handset in November.

The Bell claims that Samsung has changed the codename of its foldable smartphone from Valley to Winner. We’d previously heard that the company chooses codenames based on its goals, so it’s pretty clear what the brand wants from its upcoming phone.

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The fact that Samsung has changed the internal name of the project could be a signal that a new phase has arrived, perhaps the final one. It’s highly likely that the company has settled down on a design for mass production. A prototype was shown off to big customers at the CES 2018.

If Samsung sticks to a similar look, the flexible device will have 3 OLED panels measuring 3.5-inch each. 2 may be joined together to form a 7-inch screen. The back will have the third display. The form factor sounds a lot like a classic flip phone, so that might just be what we end up with.

This timeline gives a month’s breathing time between the handsets, but this might not be enough of a gap. Rolling out a foldable device so soon after the Galaxy S10 will probably harm the latter’s sales. As such, the dates should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.