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Samsung update limits Galaxy Note 7 charging to 60%

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung claims over 85% of Galaxy Note 7 units have been handed over under its ongoing Refund and Exchange Program in the US. However, that still leaves out over 15% of the estimated 1.9 million units which are in danger of exploding in the country.

Samsung’s got a solution for that in the form of a new update which it has started rolling out to stubborn Galaxy Note 7 users. The upgrade is more of a downgrade, however, since it limits battery charging to 60%. Owners will also get a pop-up notification every single time they charge, reboot, or switch on the screen of their phone.

Samsung’s pestering strategy was first deployed in its native South Korea back in September this year. The limit comes across as a slightly invasive given its interfering nature. Still, it’s probably a necessary measure given the risk of the smartphone exploding at any time and taking the brand’s reputation further down the drain.

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Anyone who’s still holding on to their Galaxy Note 7 should immediately power down their handset and give it over to their carrier or place of purchase. The company claims a majority of the participants of its exchange program have opted to get a Samsung handset as a replacement.

People who don’t want to stay loyal to the manufacturer can opt for a refund or non-Samsung phone. They’ll get a $25 bill credit courtesy select carriers or retailers. Individuals who choose to stick with the company will get a $100 bill credit.