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Samsung sued by Ericsson over 11 patents

Courty hammer Ericsson has accused Samsung Electronics of being involved in the infringement of 11 patents concerning mobile phones. Ericsson filed the complaint on July 28 in US District Court in Marshall, Texas.

Ericsson’s complaint states that the South Korea based Samsung allegedly used patented technology including methods of reducing cell phone power usage and intensifying and adjusting radio frequency.

Gary Pinkham, investor relations manager at Ericsson said, “Our cross licensing agreement with Samsung expired last year, and we haven’t been able to agree on a new agreement, and in the meantime they’ve continued to use our patents.”

“It’s more a matter to make them stop using our patents if they’re not going to license them at a reasonable price,” continued Pinkham.

Ericsson had reportedly filed a lawsuit against Samsung in February 2006 and asked the courts to rule that Samsung infringed its patents. Ericsson also asked the courts to rule that phones made by collaboration with Sony Corp do not breach Samsung patents.

The two aren’t the only mobile companies involved in a spat over patent license renewals. Nokia and Qualcomm are also in the midst of a bitter renegotiation process. Qualcomm has filed a complaint against Nokia with the U.S. International Trade Commission and Nokia has filed a complaint against Qualcomm with the European Commission. The companies’ agreement expires early next year.