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Samsung SPF Series of Digital Photo Frames Announced

Samsung SPF Series Frames

Gearing up for this upcoming festive season, Samsung has unveiled its new series of digital frames. The SPF-85H, SPF-85V, SPF-105P and SPF-105V are the new frames announced by Samsung.

The SPF-85H has 8-inch frame that features resolution of 800 x 600. Besides, the frame comes with 1 GB internal memory and SD/MMC/MS/XD card reader as well as USB memory slot for memory expansion. It also includes an energy saving auto On/Off feature which is a bonus in the era of global warming.

Samsung SPF-85V’s key feature is its wireless capability. The frame sports 802.11b/g optimized for use with Windows Live Spaces for easy photo sharing. It also comes with 64 MB of internal memory. The frame also features an Auto rotation function and InfoLink free information service (News, Weather, Stocks). Users can extend the memory of the frame with SD/MMC/MS/XD card reader and USB memory slot.

The SPF-85H and SPF-85V frames will be available in the American market from September 1 for the prices of $129.99 and $199.99 respectively.

The Samsung SPF-105P is a 10-inch frame which features 1024 x 600 resolution, 1 GB internal memory, SD/MMC/MS/XD card reader and USB memory slot. On the other hand SPF-105PV is wireless capable version of the SPF-105P frame. The SPF-105PV incorporates 802.11b/g wireless connectivity and internal memory of up to 64 MB.

Samsung SPF-105P is expected to be available in the market for $199.99. While, the SPF-105PV frame is scheduled to hit the markets by November 1 for $289.99.

Talking about the new frames, Jeff Muto, Display Product Manager, Samsung said, “Samsung has identified a need in the market for quality photo frames that offer improved front of screen performance, quality design and enhanced versatility. Using Samsung’s UbiSync feature is as simple as plugging the photo frame into your USB port. Then you can have a secondary monitor for your media player, tool palettes or whatever your needs may be. With other built-in features like WiFi for easy photo sharing and auto-resize functionality which enhances ease of use, these new digital photo frames push the versatility envelope.”

The new Samsung digital photo frames are wrapped in a glossy black bezel with rounded edges for an elegant look. Moreover each of the models is equipped with Starlight Touch Controls, which integrate the On Screen Display (OSD) buttons into the bezel.