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Samsung SCH-W420 Touch-Screen, Haptic Mobile Phone unveiled

Samsung SCH-W420 phone

The whole world’s going slim, and Samsung wanted to be no exception to the law.

On Tuesday, the electronics giant announced the availability of the new Anycall Haptic mobile phone (SCH-W420) in the Korean market. The latest phone is super-slim and measures only 12.1 mm thin. In the quest for the most superlative mobile phone device, Samsung came up with an innovative concept of Haptic, which is a Greek terminology meaning “touch”. This exciting touch-screen feature claims to not only stimulate one’s hearing and seeing, but also the tactile capability. It somewhere has an uncanny resemblance to the Apple iPhone, only that the SCH-W420 is slimmer.

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There is a choice of 22 unique kinds of vibrations for a plethora of answers and functions that allows the phone to communicate with you. For example, whilst adjusting the volume, the user will hear a clicking sound and will also feel a slight vibration of the phone. Callers can be segregated, by the option of differentiated vibration classes.

The key features of the Samsung SCH-W420 mobile phone are:

  • 3.2-inch touch-screen
  • 2MP digital camera
  • Full Internet browser
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Terrestrial digital TV reception
  • The phone’s software is quite accessible and easy to use, as users can simply drag and drop shortcuts of their favorite applications on to the home screen. Practically anything and everything can be done without leaving the phone’s front end.

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    Currently only available in South Korea, the price of the Samsung SCH-W420 mobile phone will vary between 700,000 won and 800,000 won (approximately US$700 to US$800. So incase you are located anywhere outside South Korea, you can perhaps just watch the commercial below, featuring South Korean actress and model Jeon Ji Hyun, and wonder, why do some people have all the luck!?

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