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Samsung says Galaxy S7 is safe after reports of explosions

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

While the Galaxy Note 7 has been the star of Samsung’s controversy-strewn year so far, the brand’s other flagship Galaxy S7 series has hogged a certain degree of attention for the wrong reasons as well. Cases of the latter exploding have been cropping up steadily, with no evidence of the fires being a widespread problem yet.

Samsung has now released a statement to reassure owners of the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. The company asserts that it stands behind the quality and safety of the lineup, pointing out that there have been no confirmed cases of internal battery failures amongst the 10 million units being utilized by US citizens.

Samsung then goes on to acknowledge that there have been a number of cases involving the handsets. However, it puts the blame on severe external damage rather than any wrongdoing on its part. The brand also said that it was impossible to pin down the true cause of any incident until it could obtain and examine the phones in question.

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Samsung’s gone out of its way to reassure consumers about the Galaxy S7, beaming out pop-up messages to guarantee that the smartphone was safe and not getting recalled. Still, previous cases of the series going up in flames may end up spooking customers who are already wary about the brand.

For instance, an incident back in October this year saw a man who had already allegedly gone through two rounds of recalls with the Galaxy Note 7 and chosen a Galaxy S7 Edge as his replacement phone under the company’s program. The unit apparently burst into flames after he plugged it in to charge for the night.

Another Galaxy S7 Edge user had claimed that the smartphone spontaneously exploded inside his pocket, giving rise to painful second and third degree burns which required extensive skin grafts.