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Samsung demands retrial after losing $539 million iPhone patent case

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If you thought the years-long court battle between Apple and Samsung had finally ended last month, think again. The South Korean company has decided to fight back against the latest verdict, kicking off yet another round of he-said-she-said.

To recap, Samsung was supposed to pay $539 million to Apple after losing a hotly-contested design patent case. The brand was predictably unhappy with the verdict and vowed to do all it could to sort out matters. It’s now returned with an appeal asking the US District Court in San Jose to either hold a new trial or cut down the fine to $28 million.

Why Samsung Is Fighting Back

Samsung’s making its comeback on the grounds that no reasonable jury could have found that any of Apple’s design patents applied to Samsung’s entire phone. This is the issue at the heart of the case. The actual copying has already been established, as Samsung was found to be guilty of infringing on 5 of its rival’s patents.

Apple and Samsung have now been tussling over how much money has to be exchanged. The former argued that it should be based on the profits obtained on the entire smartphone, inside and outside. The latter said that it should only have to pay a penalty on the elements that it cloned.

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Samsung thinks the $539 million verdict is excessive and is pushing for that to be reduced to $28.085 million. Not just that, it’s also asking Apple to cough up $145 million. The company had forked over the amount for violating a multi-touch patent. However, that patent has since been invalidated, prompting the firm to ask for its money back.

Apple now has 10 days to respond to Samsung’s latest volley. The hearing for the case is scheduled for July 26. We’ll keep you updated on the proceedings as the two tech giants tussle in the months ahead.