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Samsung to release Galaxy S7 mini as a rival to iPhone SE

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With the launch of the iPhone SE right around the corner, competitors of Apple will indeed be feeling the head. It seems though that Samsung has already been busy with its preparations and has a Galaxy S7 mini in its coffers to show off.

And it won’t be a low-end device that Samsung will put forth for fans. A report coming in from Taiwan is saying that the Galaxy S7 mini will pack high-end specifications into a small body to provide an Android option to those who prefer smaller devices in this day and age of phablets.

The report in question tells us that nothing short of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or a Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset can be expected to form part of this device’s arsenal. Aside from that, 3GB worth of RAM will also apparently be making its way into it.

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As for the camera, it’s said to be a 12MP unit that will be accompanied by some sort of a ‘periscope’ lens, the details of which are unknown. And of course, you can expect the latest version of Android to be there as well, complete with the company’s trademark TouchWiz knick knacks.

March 21 is the date on which Apple will be showcasing its iPhone SE handset which will grab a 4-inch display, a fingerprint scanner and other advanced features. The device will however avoid 3D Touch support in order to maintain the feature’s exclusivity to the 6S models.

If you’ll recall, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 was also supposed to have a mini version but it never really materialized, which is why we’d advise you to take the news about the Galaxy S7 mini with a pinch of salt for now.