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Samsung probe blames battery for Galaxy Note 7 explosions

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Various theories have tried to explain the Galaxy Note 7’s explosion problem, but Samsung itself has not yet revealed what exactly brought the issue about. Now a new report claims that the brand has finished its investigation into the matter and may announce its findings on January 23.

The date is just a day before Samsung makes its detailed fourth-quarter earnings results public. The head of the company’s mobile business Koh Dong-jin will probably be the one to announce the results of its examination. He’s also likely to share all new measures which have been adopted to stop such a disaster from happening again.

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters that Samsung was able to replicate the fires during the investigation. The brand supposedly came to the conclusion that the flames could not be due to hardware or software-related issues and the product’s tendency to explode was caused by the battery unit.

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It should be noted that Samsung had previously blamed the batteries produced by Samsung SDI as the reason behind the explosions during its first wave of recalls. However, the handsets continued to go up in flames even after this had been rectified, leading to a permanent withdrawal of the device.

A separate study by a third-party firm had suggested that there may not have been enough room for the battery inside the Galaxy Note 7. The tight construction apparently didn’t leave any breathing space for the powerhouse to expand into. This compression could have put pressure on the unit’s narrow separator layer and squeezed it to the point of explosions.