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Samsung patent hints at phone with iPhone X-like notch

Samsung Patent Notch

The iPhone X’s notch design has begun taking over the Android world, with manufacturers like Asus, OnePlus, LG, Vivo, and Oppo all becoming part of the trend. Samsung has so far resisted the urge to make a cutout in its screen, but this might not last long going by a new patent filing submitted to China’s patent authority, SIPO.

Samsung’s patent describes a phone which looks just like the iPhone X from the front. There are very little borders all around, strikingly different from the brand’s current style of having narrow bezels at the top and bottom in its Infinity Display. The notch sits at the crown housing a proximity sensor, a selfie camera, and a microphone.

The back is where Samsung diverges from its rival, as it has two antenna lines and a horizontal dual lens system. This is actually just one of many possible designs, with the others placing the modules vertically at the corner like the iPhone X and vertically in the center like the Galaxy S9. Even the antenna lines shift from passing through the back to lining the top and bottom of the phone.

Samsung Patent No Notch

Mobielkopen has also highlighted another Samsung patent which ditches the notch. The screen is completely free of interruptions as a result, with no sign of the front-facing shooter and other sensors. Perhaps the South Korean brand has submitted the patent just to cover all bases.

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Samsung filed for the copyright on March 30, so these designs are fairly recent. There’s no guarantee the company will ever implement any of them, but we’ll keep a lookout just in case.