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Samsung NV100 HD, the 14.7 MegaPixel Camera rolled out

Samsung NV 100 HD Camera Yet another product from Samsung, the Korean giant, makes its foray into the market. This time it is the NV100 HD pocket digital camera that features and awesome 14.7 mp resolution.

The Samsung NV100 HD camera sports a 3 inch touch screen, accompanied by 3.6x Schneider Kreuznach zoom lens and ISO 3200 sensitivity. And while you are standing before this camera, make sure you have a bright smile on your face as it is also a smile detector. And yes, not to forget it also detects blinks! The camera also features face recognition option. Ait supports trashcan.

One can view the recorded images in High-definition resolution directly as the 14.7 MegaPixel camera features HDMI interface. The NV100 HD can also record high definition videos at 30fps with a resolution of 720p (1,280 x 720px).

The new Samsung NV100 HD camera will be made available by the company in August 2008.