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Samsung now urging Galaxy Note 7 owners to stop using device

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been very active in trying to tell people to give up their Galaxy Note 7 under its exchange program lest the phone catch fire. It’s now issued yet another plea, this time urging them to power down their handset.

The Galaxy Note 7 great battery fiasco of 2016 began a few weeks ago and has only escalated since then. Reports of units going up in flames started out in South Korea and eventually started popping up in the US as well. Samsung launched an investigation into the issue and later announced a recall program for the smartphone citing battery cell problems.

Samsung has officially confirmed 35 cases of the issue occurring up till September 1. By and large, explosions usually occur when charging the device. Its UK statement on the matter shed a bit more light on what exactly causes the phone to ignite. Apparently, the overheating occurs when the anode-to-cathode comes into contact.

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Samsung went on to assert that this is a very rare manufacturing process error. Moreover, it also broke down where those 35 cases took place, with 17 happening in Korea, 17 in the US, and 1 in Taiwan. When it came to taking the blame though, the company was a bit more coy, choosing not to confirm whether it was its own Samsung SDI subsidiary which was at fault for the fire-prone batteries.

In any case, Samsung is now asking all Galaxy Note 7 owners to switch off their handset and exchange it as soon as possible. The terms and conditions of the scheme vary from country to country, with some getting a replacement phone and others being offered a cash refund.