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Samsung now setting up Galaxy Note 7 exchange booths in airports

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Burnt

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 nightmare is continuing to haunt the manufacturer, with several countries around the world officially banning the handset from hitching a ride on a plane. This poses a difficult quandary for travelers, many of whom might be in a different nation from where they bought their handset from and now can’t fly anywhere while carrying the fire-prone device.

There’s also the possibility that they aren’t aware of a Galaxy Note 7 recall at all. Samsung has now come up with the idea of setting up exchange booths in airports around the globe to deal with such scenarios. These ‘customer service points’ first popped up in South Korea and are now present in Australia as well.

Even US airports are reportedly going to get these Galaxy Note 7 exchange booths. As per Samsung Australia’s statement on the matter, these desks will be present in high-traffic terminals before people have to go through security screening. The employees present on the scene are supposed to swap the device for an unspecified alternative and hand over the difference in their prices.

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The Samsung workers will also transfer a customer’s data then and there. This might prove to be a tad difficult given this could potentially be a time-consuming process which harried travelers might not have time for lest they miss their flight. People who can’t get an exchange device before boarding their plane will apparently get a replacement phone or full refund at their destination country.

Analysts say over 1 million Galaxy Note 7’s are still being used around the world, a worrisome number. The new airport initiative will hopefully bring that number down a bit, especially since carrying the smartphone onboard a plane is a federal crime now in the US.