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Samsung is embracing the notch in future phones

Samsung Notch
Image Credit: MobileSyrup

Notch haters are running out of options these days, with seemingly every iPhone and Android handset embracing the cutout. Samsung was one of the few safe choices left since it stubbornly refused to join the trend. Until now, that is.

Samsung has abandoned its anti-notch stance and come out with not just one, but three different cutout styles. As highlighted by MobileSyrup, it showcased each of them in a graphic on stage at its Developers Conference 2018. One is called the Infinity-U, the second the Infinity-V, and the third the Infinity-O.

Samsung New Infinity Display

There’s also a New Infinity style which doesn’t have any notches or borders. This is probably going to be reserved for flagship phones like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. In fact, many claim that the Galaxy S10 will have such a notch-free and bezel-less panel.

However, there might be a hole on the screen to store the selfie camera. Apparently, it has the power to appear and disappear depending on whether there’s a photo being taken. We’re not quite sure how this would work out, but it’s clear that Samsung isn’t averse to interruptions on the screen.

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Take the Infinity-U for example. The design is a standard Essential-like notch that houses the front-facing snapper. The Infinity-V has a more angular look, but it’s mostly the same as the U. The Infinity-O is where things get weird as it consists of a random hole being punched into the left side of the display.

This sounds like it would be very distracting, especially since it’s so off-center and below the status bar. It’s not clear how such a style would deal with content. Who knows, maybe Samsung has come up with an innovative way to go around the glaring hole.