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Samsung has a new headset that makes VR a 4D experience

Samsung 4D Headset

Virtual reality is the buzzword at all technology expos these days, and so is the case with the ongoing SxSW where Samsung has unveiled an experimental device that lets you feel a sense of motion during any VR experience. Alongside this offering, two other projects have been showcased by the company as well.

However, let us first take a look at the most interesting one among them – the above mentioned device which is called the Samsung Entrim 4D. To the normal eye, it looks like just another over-the-ear headphone, but it has been designed to send electrical signals that trick your brain into feeling a sense of motion. It is of course meant to be used along with the Gear VR.

The headset contains two electrodes on both the sides, and their placement is such that they line up right below your ears. When activated, these electrodes send out electric signals to a specific nerve in your ear, and this is what gives you the sense of motion that makes your VR experience a whole lot more realistic.

So if it’s a VR demo of you running on a racetrack, the feeling of wind blowing on your face and other runners whizzing past you will be created by the Entrim 4D. The makers of this experimental product say that it could help eliminate the motion sickness feeling that many get after VR demos.

The two other projects that we talked about are both apps. The first one is called Hum On, and lets you hum out a melody, only to record it and play it back for you with a piano sound and proper background music. And the other app is named Waffle which is a social drawing app that’s already out on the Play store as a beta.

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There’s no word yet on the ifs and whens of the Samsung Entrim 4D, but we’ll have more on it when additional details are out.