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Samsung to limit battery charging on Galaxy Note 7 to 60%

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is apparently going to roll out an update for Galaxy Note 7 units which have not been turned in yet under its recall program. The software isn’t so much of an upgrade as it is a downgrade, limiting battery recharges to 60%.

The Associated Press reports that Samsung has taken out a front page advertisement in the Seoul Shinmun, a South Korean newspaper, announcing the Galaxy Note 7 update. As per the notice, the extreme measure is being undertaken to put consumer safety first. It’ll begin rolling out on September 20 in the country.

There’s no clear indication yet whether Samsung plans to extend this upgrade to other markets as well. Yonhap News Agency claims that the brand is in talks with international mobile carriers to send out the same software to make sure all unreturned phones can’t be charged beyond 60%.

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Forcing users to keep their Galaxy Note 7 limited to just 60% sounds like an extreme measure to take, especially since a number of users might not be aware of the restriction. Samsung clearly thinks it’s necessary given the increasing number of reports of units exploding across the world.

The Canada government recently released a report which claimed that over 70 Galaxy Note 7’s had burst into flames in the US and 1 in Canada. This is a much higher number than the 35 global units previously claimed by Samsung as of September 1. The company appears to be in dire straits both financially and in terms of consumer trust.

Forcing a 60% limitation upon Galaxy Note 7 owners probably won’t win it any favors either, but it might just encourage people who’ve been reluctant to part with their smartphone. As it stands though, there’s no guarantee that even restricting the battery can prevent explosions.