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Samsung launches new Focus app for better productivity

Samsung Focus

After having existed in beta form for quite some time, Samsung’s Focus app is now available for Galaxy device owners. In case you’re unaware, it provides a unified interface for managing email, calendar, tasks, memos and contacts, thus benefitting business professionals.

This app features support for multiple accounts, and works for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP and POP3 accounts. The homepage of Samsung Focus offers a detailed feed containing all the relevant information regarding meetings, events, emails and more on a daily basis.

Users can easily add events to their calendars right from their emails, whereas they can even set up conference calls using the app. Finding something important that has been buried under tons of other emails and memos is also easy thanks to a search option which has been provided by Samsung.

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Another interesting feature of Focus is keywords. If you set ‘meeting’ as a keyword, any email mentioning that particular word will send you a notification; so that you don’t end up forgetting about it. You can moreover, make some of your contacts ‘priority senders’ to never miss any messages from them. The app even has a web interface that can be accessed via PCs.

A big downside of this utility is its exclusivity to Samsung-made Android devices. It should also be noted that only those handsets running Android Marshmallow and above can download it.

Samsung Focus is available on the Google Play store right now in the form of its first non-beta version.