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Samsung confirms plans to launch world’s first foldable phone

Samsung Foldable Phone
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Now that the Galaxy Note 9 is out, attention has now shifted to Samsung’s next big thing – a foldable smartphone. In fact, the company is encouraging this shift by openly talking about it at a press event in South Korea for the phablet handset’s launch.

Samsung Mobile president DJ Koh told reporters that it didn’t want to lose the title of the world’s first foldable phone. It’s a pretty surprising admission to make, given that brands don’t usually talk about their rivals so openly. In this case, Koh is probably referring to Huawei.

Samsung Foldable Phone Rivalry

The Chinese firm is said to be working on its own flexible device, seeking to snatch the “world’s first” title away from Samsung. It sounds like the South Korean brand might be rushing through development because of this threat, but we can’t know this for sure.

After all, Samsung has been working on this concept for years. It should ideally have something to show for all that effort, even if there were significant hiccups along the way. The new timeline is fixed at some point in 2019, with some saying it’ll come as early as January at the CES 2019.

Koh says Samsung has been focused on “developing innovations that will be genuinely accepted and liked by consumers.” He didn’t say what those innovations would be though. Many believe the company is preparing a smartphone with 3 screens in a clamshell design that folds inwards.

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The mobile head also said that the foldable device’s launch isn’t far away. He further added that it’s not going to be a one-time thing, indicating that the handset could be the first of a series. Koh went on to deny a merger of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, saying this wouldn’t happen in the immediate future.

Interestingly, Koh revealed that the Galaxy S10 won’t be its first 5G phone. That honor will be taken up by a different model, but he didn’t reveal which. He didn’t even specify if the phone would come out before or after the Galaxy S10.