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Samsung introduces curved 4K TV range in India, basic model costs Rs 162900

Surely, for those with the kind of money needed to afford them, these curved 4K TV sets from Samsung promise the ultimate viewing experience for their living rooms. But for those who can’t afford them, gawking at them in malls and TV shops will be the only option left.

The lowest price at which you can purchase one of these arched panels happens to be Rs 1,62,900. However, the top-of-the-range model named the Samsung 105 Curved UHD TV is expected to have its price set at more than Rs 5,00,000. Equipped with a 105-inch display, it is supposed to be launched in the second half of this year.

Samsung 4K TV Launch

What you can purchase now is the HU9000 model which comes in 65-inch and and 55-inch models. While the former is priced at Rs 4,49,900, the latter will go for Rs 3,29,900. And then there’s the H8000 series, of which the 65-inch version will be sold for Rs 3, 85,900, the 55-inch one for Rs 2,51,900, whereas the 48-inch model will be placed at Rs 1,62,900.

All the above mentioned TV sets are capable of presenting their visuals in 4K resolution. They also feature a unique Samsung technology that can up-scale FHD, HD and non-HD content up to a level that’ll bring it closer to the 4K visual experience. Needless to say they are all smart TVs.

Samsung 4K TVs

Lastly, Samsung has also gone ahead and launched two flat 4K televisions in India. The HU8500 will be made available in a 65-inch package for Rs 4,09,900 and in a 55-inch model at Rs 2,93,900. The HU7000 on the other hand, only has a 40-inch model which has been priced at Rs 1,04,900.