Samsung Haptic Phones rule Korea with 1,00,000 phones sold

Samsung Haptic Phone The Samsung Haptic Phone that came with its revolutionary technology of ‘Touch and Interact’ has returned back to the news-tracks by selling 1,00,000 of its units in Korea.

Samsung proudly announced the sale of its 1,00,000th Samsung Anycall Haptic SCH-W420 in Korea. The phone that vibrates in 22 unique ways seems to be adored by the Korean market. The interactive SCH-W420 handset provides a clear display of 3.2 inches featuring touch-screen technology.

The phone also features various key-tones that play according to the icon chosen and also a vibration scheme that is different depending on the menu option chosen. With its intuitive technology, the phone gives a sensational experience and also supports 2MP camera, internet browser, Digital TV tuner and many more.

With the successful sale of 1,00.00 units, Samsung also plans to bring in the Haptic phone in colors of white and pink targeting the Korean market once again. At an approximate price of $800 USD, the Samsung Haptic phone is enjoying immense adulation and popularity.