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Samsung gaming phone in the works, foldable phone won’t be called Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung may soon become the latest smartphone manufacturer to hop on the gaming phone trend after Razer, Xiaomi and Asus. Frequent Chinese tipster MMDDJ took to Twitter to announce that the South Korean manufacturer is preparing a gaming-focused handset.

Sadly, his tweet didn’t include any details about this mysterious Samsung gaming device. He did cryptically offer a hint at its future in a later post though, stating that the brand’s foldable phone isn’t called the Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable Or Not?

Putting two and two together, it seems like the leakster is hinting that Samsung will name its gaming smartphone the Galaxy X. Of course, this can’t be taken as fact since there is so little information about it.

Another possibility is that Samsung’s gaming handset and foldable device are one and the same. There is some evidence for this. An earlier Wall Street Journal report had claimed that the firm’s bendable phone will target specific markets like mobile gamers when it first arrives in 2019.

This makes sense since the flexible smartphone is probably going to be a niche and very expensive product. It wouldn’t make sense for Samsung to launch 2 separate handsets for gamers unless it has something very special in mind for the non-foldable one.

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If Samsung goes with the current trend, it’ll probably use a display with a high refresh rate for smooth gameplay. A flagship-level processor will likely be in charge, perhaps the Snapdragon 845. As per GraphicSpeak, the company recently hired an NVIDIA veteran to work on a custom GPU, so perhaps that’ll be included as well.

There are set to be a lot of shakeups at Samsung next year. Word on the street is that it’s going to merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note portfolios. This will allow the foldable device to stand on its own without overwhelming consumers with 3 different flagship lineups.