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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 confirmed to have 8-inch display?

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According to a recent report, the latest in the Samsung tablet line, the Galaxy Tab 3, will come with an 8-inch display. We’ve heard plenty of rumors about other devices from the manufacturer, but talk of the next in the Tab line has been limited, to say the least. Even so, it was rumored in February the device would sport an 8-inch screen size.

Now SamMobile is reporting that a Dutch blog RBmen has posted a list of Samsung devices found on the company’s official service or support website for Japan. The website dedicated to all things relating to the South Korean manufacturer has been bringing the world tons of leaks and reports, apparently from ‘insiders.’ And while some eventually hit the nail on the head, many seem to swing one way, then another, in an odd turn of events.

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Anyway, the device codes on the official Samsung page include things like SM-T210, SM-T210R, SM-T210X, SM-T310, SM-T215 and so on. This time around, speaking to a source who couldn’t comment on the accuracy of these codes, the website has manages to ‘confirm’ a little information on the next Galaxy Tab device.

Apparently, a 16GB Wi-Fi version is scheduled to arrive during week 24 of the year (mid-June), while a 3G version with the same amount of internal storage is supposed to be released sometime during week 27 (early July). The report goes on to say that the manufacturer is sticking with white as a color option, while model numbers start off with SM-T3110 and SM-T3100 respectively.

The third in the Note series, meanwhile, has received a lot of attention thus far. Last month itself saw a good number of rumors and a bit of speculation. In early March it was thought that the Note 3 would have a screen spanning 5.9 inches and run on the power of an eight-core processor. The same bit of gossip pegged the device to continue with the company’s latest philosophy of having AMOLED displays for brighter, clearer pictures.

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But a report in the middle of last month said the gadget would dump AMOLED technology in favor of an LCD screen, apparently for better S Pen functionality. People pointed to the South Korean company’s then recent acquisition of a good share in Japanese panel-maker Sharp. And soon after the S4’s unveiling, an accessory listing hinted at a 6.3-inch screen size for the device.

Of course, that was the Note 3, and we’ll have to wait for official confirmation on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 having an 8-inch display. But until then, this should be treated like a rumor and taken with a proverbial grain of salt.

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