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Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t have iPhone X-like 3D face scanning

Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak

Samsung is reportedly feeling the pressure after the launch of the iPhone X and its Face ID magic. The South Korean firm is apparently hard at work trying to improve its existing iris scanner for the Galaxy S9.

As per ET News, Samsung is developing software which will make face and iris scanning much faster than before. It’s supposedly not going to change up the underlying hardware that powers the two. This means that the brand is probably going to stick to the same 2D form of facial recognition that it currently uses.

Apple’s Face ID tech projects 30000 infrared dots onto a person’s face to create a 3D map. Samsung favors a simpler approach which can be thwarted more easily, although even the iPhone X is vulnerable to getting fooled on occasion.

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A separate Business Korea report also claims that Samsung won’t be shooting dots onto a user’s face anytime soon. It seems the company is focusing on the software side of things instead of hardware, so the Galaxy S9 will probably look similar to the Galaxy S8 and feature mostly the same basic set of specs.

One key area where the Galaxy S9 is set to differ is photography. There’s a high chance it’s getting hold of dual cameras which will be enhanced with 3-stack layer image sensors to capture 1000 photos per second. The device will probably stick to a single snapper up front.

Despite no major external changes being planned, the average selling price (ASP) of the Galaxy S9 could surpass the $724.99 Galaxy S8. The dual cameras and new image sensors are said to be behind this, doubling or tripling the ASP of the module to $60 or $90.