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Samsung Galaxy S9 to copy iPhone X’s Face ID

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris
Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is still a long ways off, but it’s already become quite a presence amongst the rumor mills. The latest little tidbit related to the phone is that it’ll be adopting a 3D sensor front camera.

This comes via frequent tipster Ice Universe who posted about the Galaxy S9 via Twitter. Its authenticity can’t be vouched for of course, but it does make sense considering how competitive Samsung gets with Apple. Having a Face ID setup of its own will help it take the iPhone X head-on.

Face ID depends on a TrueDepth camera system which is supported by an array of sensors to project dots onto a user’s face. It’s similar to how Microsoft’s Kinect works and is considered more comprehensive than iris and current face scanners. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 feature both, in addition to a fingerprint sensor.

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Some people managed to trick the Samsung devices into unlocking just by showing a photo of the owner. Iris and modern-day face scanners aren’t considered 100% foolproof as a result, but a Face ID-like option could change that.

It’s not clear what Samsung will do regarding its fingerprint scanner. The choice to move it to the back has been very unpopular since it’s an inconvenient position for most people. There are rumblings of the brand having an under-display solution ready by the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung could theoretically offer a Face ID-esque feature and fingerprint scanner, appealing to people who want both and are disappointed that Apple didn’t go down this path.