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Samsung Galaxy S8 owners facing red tinted display issue

Samsung Galaxy S8 Red

Samsung has landed itself into a fresh controversy in South Korea centered on the Galaxy S8’s display. Many consumers are complaining that their handsets have a reddish tint.

Galaxy S8 owners took to local online communities to post photos and discuss the problem, with some stating that the red tint didn’t go away even after correcting the color display settings. Others apparently went to service centers to solve the issue and were told to change their device.

As per The Korea Herald, Samsung is telling customers that the red color is not a quality problem and can be adjusted in the phone’s settings menu. It’s requesting users who are still facing issues to switch their handset at a service center.

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A couple of people say they weren’t able to modify the color because the display panel was already optimized. An industry watcher thinks the reddish tint has come about due to a color balance problem. While standard LCD panel use 3 subpixels namely red, blue and green, the Galaxy S8’s OLED screen makes use of 2 subpixels namely red green and blue green.

Samsung supposedly developed deep red OLEDs to strengthen the red component and counteract the two greens in the mix. The light red shade seen above might be the result of the new process. There’s no way to know how widespread the issue is as of now since pre-orders of the smartphone have only recently begun shipping in South Korea.

Samsung claims it’s sold over 1 million units of the Galaxy S8 so far. The company is under a lot of pressure to deliver an error-free winner after the disaster that was the Note 7. News of a screen discoloration may or may not throw a wrench in those plans.