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Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature edge-to-edge OLED screen

Image: Steel Drake
Image: Steel Drake

A new report has some intriguing information about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 as the company strives to move forward from its Note 7 debacle. The handset may sport a completely bezel-less display based on OLED technology.

A Samsung Display engineer named Park Won-sang apparently said that the brand plans to roll out a full-screen panel next year whose area ratio will be more than 90%. He made the remarks during the iMiD 2016 display exhibition which took place last week.

Unfortunately, Won-sang didn’t directly confirm whether the Galaxy S8 would adopt such an edge-to-edge design. However, he did hint that the company was pouring a considerable amount of resources into the project. He went as far as to claim that the manufacturer would increase the ratio to 99% over the course of the coming years.

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Won-sang supposedly showed off a concept image of a Galaxy S7 Edge with a border-less style at the event. The smartphone was depicted with a full screen and no home button. The Samsung engineer said that all sensors, including the fingerprint scanner, would be placed underneath the panel.

He also pointed out that this no-bezel attitude would make virtual reality much more immersive when viewed through VR headsets like Gear VR and Daydream View. In related news, a separate Samsung Display researcher claims that the company is developing a bendable VR device with a flexible OLED screen which can be twisted at will to cover a person’s eyes completely.

Samsung’s not the first firm to explore edge-to-edge designs. The recently-launched Xiaomi Mi Mix boasts of a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio and Apple’s next iPhone 8 is rumored to feature an-all glass curved design free of bezels.