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Man says his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge exploded

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Image Credit: rokhana/Reddit

Samsung’s explosive battery woes just won’t go away. Days after we found out a US woman’s Galaxy Note 9 blew up, a Moroccan man claims his Galaxy S7 Edge went up in flames.

As per the man’s Reddit post, he took out the Galaxy S7 Edge from his back pocket to click a photo, but it immediately froze and shut down. He tried to revive it, but this didn’t work so he just placed it on his kitchen countertop and left it alone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explosion

Lo and behold, a few seconds later the Samsung phone spontaneously exploded. The fire was apparently so intense that even some of his towels caught fire. He decided to take the handset to the company’s customer service outlet the next morning.

Samsung told him that there was nothing they could so since the device was no longer under warranty. The man tried contacting the Moroccan branch of the brand via Twitter, but didn’t expect this to change anything.

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Surprisingly, it seems Samsung USA got in touch with him via Twitter and asked him for some information. Samsung Morocco then called him and apologized for the way its store handled the matter. His Galaxy S7 Edge was later sent in for an investigation.

The Redditor says he got another call eventually asking him to visit the store to sign some paperwork and take home a new Galaxy S9. While he was positive about this change in attitude at first, he was later disappointed by what the paperwork asked him to do.

Samsung supposedly wanted him to delete all social media posts about this explosion and stop making any more comments. He declined, which is why his Reddit post is still around. The firm should ideally have apologized to him and given him a Galaxy S9 right from the start, especially considering its history with the explosive Galaxy Note 7.