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9 Awesome Samsung Galaxy S7 Concepts

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Concepts

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rendered Image

Even the latest Apple iPhone cannot compete with the beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. So Samsung does not need to redesign its next flagship handset from the ground up. With this is mind, we’ve taken care to list only the most realistic Samsung Galaxy S7 concepts on the internet, the ones that have high chances of looking like the final device when it is launched.

If Samsung announces major new features and advanced components for its upcoming Samsung S7 device, certain changes would be required. But they’ll be very minor. As for the Samsung S7 release date, the phone is coming in February 2016. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the likely Samsung S7 designs based on specs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Concept

Published just this week by uSwitch, the Samsung S7 images above are apparently based on blueprints given by Samsung to accessory manufacturers. The sketches are of the flat-screen Galaxy S7 and not the Edge variant that’s expected to be unveiled along with it next month before the Mobile World Congress 2016.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been painted with a 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, a thicker 7.9mm body (than the S6), slightly curved edges due to a 2.5D panel, and a camera which doesn’t protrude as much. The thicker profile could be down to a higher capacity battery. We’ve already been warned not to hope for a USB Type-C port here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept

Joining the throng of folks who feel Samsung won’t go huge on revamping the appearance of the Galaxy S7 Edge is Jermaine Smit. In a concept video showing off the smartphone in four metallic shades of platinum gold, silver, black and pink gold, the designer presents the forthcoming device from all angles.

You can see that it barely looks different from the current Edge model with its curved display, making it one of the more realistic predictions of the final design. It has been shown with a 5.5-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, a fingerprint reader, a protruding 12MP BRITECELL rear camera and an 8MP ISOCELL secondary camera.

Samsung S7 Concept

One of the proposed features which conflicts with the uSwitch story on the S7 is the presence of a USB Type-C port. As mentioned above, the future-proof port is supposedly not going to be embedded in the product. It will have the good old micro USB port, according to the unconfirmed report.

Another interesting aspect is the downgrade from a 16MP camera to a 12MP one. But as VentureBeat points out in a new leak, the alleged f/1.7 lens aperture specification of the 12MP shooter could technically deliver better low light photos. The camera hump may be gone, and the front lens might stay the same.

Another Samsung Galaxy S7 concept

Samsung Galaxy S7 Concept Image

Now for Smit’s take on what the S7 with a flat display might look like. We know you want the next Samsung flagship to have features that are out of this world – holographic functions, a wraparound screen, a projector, a sandwich-maker and what not. Here’s the body it may actually flaunt.

It’s sadly the same exterior. But who can deny its chic elegance? OK, so it barely seems different from the original device. Look carefully and you’ll notice some minor tweaks. The most visible change is the introduction of a microSD card slot on the bottom half of the frame, to the right.

Samsung Galaxy Concept

Can you see it in the second image? This Samsung Galaxy S7 concept ties in with the first one we listed. And as you know, the number one spot has been given to the renders based on the blueprints thought to be have been supplied to case and accessory makers who are preparing for the launch.

And boy, did fans sorely miss the microSD card slot found in the older generation S5. Smit’s wishlist with regards to the specs includes an Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and Android v6.0 Marshmallow. There’s also a chance that the phone will be dust- and water-proof.

Premium Samsung Galaxy S7 concept

Premium Samsung Galaxy S7 Concept

If Samsung ever releases a Premium edition of its Galaxy S7, this is the form designer Hasan Kaymak imagines it could adopt. A delicious gold band framing all four sides of the smartphone will have the words Premium Edition engraved into it in freehand font to give it a signature look.

This concept idea sees the handset dipped in a rich gold color and sporting an edgy profile. The camera on the rear shows off a flatter, almost negligible hump. Its overall appearance is less curvy and more square. Gone are the dual LED flash unit and heart rate sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium

The renders depict a long side button incorporating the power key and volume rockers. There’s the anticipated USB Type-C port at the bottom beside the speaker grill. Another interesting highlight is the home button which additionally serves as a fingerprint sensor.

You’ll notice that it’s longer and shorter than the one the present model uses. It’s reminiscent of the home key the leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 is allegedly going to integrate. If this turns out to be true, a Snapdragon 820 processor might not be the only specification the two devices share.

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept with e-paper tech

Samsung Galaxy S7 Concepts

Computer Bild commissioned designer Martin Hajek to create a Samsung Galaxy S7 concept based on their vision of the phone. Once again, it carries over the familiar aesthetic sensibility of the S6. At the same time, there are small but significant variations. Take the leather-textured rear panel for starters.

Or the dual camera setup for enabling post focus alterations and supporting Virtual Reality applications. The biometric sensor has been moved to the lower end on the back of the device. The rear panel is removable, being fitted in place with four screws. The power button on the side embeds the fingerprint reader.

Samsung Concept Phone

This cool concept also shows off a display with rounded edges. The most eye catching aspect of render is its bottom half of the screen. There’s the home button as usual. Flanking it are two keys with e-paper technology. These may be configured according to the owner’s requirement, says Computer Bild.

So they need not represent just the Back and Recent Apps functions, and could be set as shortcuts to frequently used features. Although the body is meant to be waterproof, we don’t know if Samsung will try and pull off both resistance to liquids and a removable back cover on the S7.

Angular Samsung Galaxy S7 concept

Galaxy S7 Concept

3D Future’s concept idea for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a sharp departure from the one seen on the S6 Edge. In spite of that, we’re totally rooting for it. Admittedly, the slanted top and bottom areas trick the eyes into thinking the smartphone’s thicker than it might actually be.

Just use the curved screen S6 Edge flagship for some time and you’ll see how impractical the narrow side displays can be. From accidentally closing apps to sending voice clips by mistake, you’ll experience the downsides of the unconventionally shaped panel without fail.

Rendered Images Samsung Galaxy S7

The problem of being unable to hold the handset comfortably while using it would be greatly alleviated if the sloping screen areas were moved to the top and the bottom. And it’s not like such a thought has never crossed Samsung’s cunning old mind, going by a patent it filed in 2015.

Honestly, we wouldn’t care if the company just decided to chuck the curved edges altogether. It’s just another feature we didn’t know we wanted until Samsung rolled it out. And it’s not like our life would feel incomplete without it. Our indifference will attest to its redundant nature.

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept with three curves

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept

Update: With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series set for February 2016, more and more fantastical concept designs are emerging, though evidence of a complete redesign is negligible. Here’s one more by Martin Hajek.

It has curves on three sides – the two longest sides as well as the bottom. Since the lower end is curved, all the ports that should have been there, have been moved to the top. The image also depicts a microSD card slot on the handset.

More Samsung Galaxy S7 concepts

Galaxy S7 Renders

With the sharply cut out smartphone render above and the intriguing 4-way sloping screen in the sketch below, we come to the last two concept designs for the Galaxy S7.  The first one pictures the next Samsung flagship with a bezel that narrows greatly at the top and bottom.

There are no visible curves apart from the display’s sloping nature on either side. The majority of the lower part of the bezel is taken up by the speaker grill. The top has just enough thickness to squeeze in the front camera, the Samsung logo and a couple of sensors.

Samsung Salaxy S7 Edge Concept

Not a fan of the severely angular shape? Mesut G Designs also has the second much simpler idea to present to fans. The proposed Samsung smartphone appears similar to the Galaxy S6 in most ways, unless you count the wishlist of specifications with which it is paired.

The most interesting element is its touchscreen that slopes on all 4 sides, enabling notifications and alerts to be visible from just about any front angle. Well, what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S7 concepts listed above? Seen any better renders?