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Samsung Galaxy S5 camera fail, you’ll need a replacement

Samsung has finally acknowledged that there’s something wrong with the Galaxy S5’s camera and it’s offering a fix for the problem. Affected customers which are a majority of Verizon users will be able to exchange their devices for new ones. Sadly, the damage cannot be fixed through a software update as the camera hardware gets disabled when the ‘camera failed’ message pops up.

The South Korean conglomerate has provided a statement to The Verge stating that only a limited number of Samsung Galaxy S5 units have been shipped with the bug. So it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t find the problem on newer units, if you decide to buy one in the near future. Those affected can call on 1-888-987-4357 and register an exchange which is carried out under warranty, or head to a carrier store.

Samsung Galaxy S5

As mentioned above, Verizon customers appear to be the majority of users facing the bug. The carrier has tweeted that users can contact their support team to resolve the issue and obtain a replacement. There seem to be no specific cause of the bug and the good thing is that it only affects a limited quantity of devices shipped. The 16MP rear camera is one of the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s one of the few features we loved about the phone. You can read our complete review on the Exynos version through this link.

If you’re facing troubles with your Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera, we recommend sending it in right away. And be sure to backup your data. In other news, the company plans on unveiling a Crystal Collection edition of the smartphone next month.

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