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Samsung Galaxy S4 specs list rumor: Nature UI 2.0, Eye Pause and Eye Scroll

Smart Stay

A few more specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have apparently been dug out and they include things oddly named ‘Eye Pause’ and ‘Eye Scroll.’ The rumor even suggests that the South Korean company might be working on a new version of its user interface, dubbing it Touch-wiz Nature UI 2.0.

Citing a Dutch web portal dedicated to the Galaxy S4, SamMobile says that Samsung has registered new trademarks Eye Scroll and Eye Pause apparently for use with the front camera of the S3’s successor. As it stands, it’s too early to jump to conclusions about what exactly the company has in mind for them. And the usage of these trademarked ‘applications’ might even be targeted at something totally different altogether, or even the entire star-studded line.

The latter of the two web sites refuses to add to the speculation with its own interpretation of just what these trademarks point to. But if anything, they take us back to when the GS3 was launched with its Touch-wiz Nature UI and Smart Stay function. People even rushed to clone the eye-tracking feature with the aim of extending functionality to a host of other devices.

From the sound of the names, it seems most likely that Samsung could be planning some sort of application to automatically scroll up or down when users read stuff on its phones’ screens. We imagine this would work in the following manner. If a user’s eyes go towards the bottom of the device, the service would conceivably turn a page or scroll down further, while when someone’s gaze is fixed to the display’s mid region, scrolling could possibly be halted.

This rumor, if it turns out to have any truth, seems almost like Samsung is hilariously hitting out at Apple and the naming system it uses for its products. And while there’s no telling what the manufacturer is working on, it is not unlikely that new interface technology is being developed, seeing what came with the GS3.

Whether or not we will really see these features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not known at present. But then the existence of the device itself has not been officially confirmed. Eye Pause and Eye Scroll will probably bring people to a chuckle when they make the connection all the way back to the Cupertino-based tech biggie. As for Nature UI 2.0, it could be part of a yearly update.