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Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in April with S Pen?

Galaxy S4 April

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to enter our lives in April next year, if a rumor making its way around the grounds is to be believed. And it is also alleged to bring along the S Pen stylus which was so popular with its big boned sibling, the Note.

The Galaxy S4 has not been officially confirmed by Samsung yet, and as it stands there is no clear picture of when it might. The company did say it has a surprise planned for the CES, but that’s regarding a new TV screen, a teaser video of which can be seen below.

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YouTube video

PhoneArena is reporting that according to Korean web site Enuri, Samsung is apparently looking to merge its Galaxy S line with its Note series. This might seem like something of a stretch, even as rumors go, and should all be taken with nothing more than a pinch of salt. The Korean site doesn’t put a time frame on the device’s announcement or launch event, although it believes we could see it as early as April of next year.

Whether this is another attempt from the Korean manufacturer to chip away at Apple nipping at its heels is not certain. But it could also be seen the other way round, with the Cupertino-based multinational fending off Samsung’s surge up the ladder. In fact, just recently we heard another juicy piece of speculation that Apple would go ahead and release a new generation of its iPad in March 2013.

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S Pen

What the specs say so far: The device to follow the S3 is supposed to sport a 5-inch AMOLED display, throwing out visuals at a resolution of 1080p. Now where have we seen that before? In terms of platform, there was talk that it might run on a yet unreleased version of Android, but the current bit of gossip fixes Jelly Bean as the operating platform.

Another industry-leading (well, apart from the Nokia 808 PureView), soon to be industry-standard feature among the speculated traits is a 13MP camera at the rear with the usual auto focus. Processing power could come from quad core Exynos 5440 chip and the phone might even grow around ARM architecture.

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S3 Stylus

Something that seems to have believers convinced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be Note-like is the body’s speculated 9.2mm thickness. And that’s probably also to tuck away the S Pen.

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