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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored to come in multiple processor versions


The Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement is still a while away, but the device is already rumored to come with varying processor options for different regions. Apparently the talk is that the smartphone could use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU in its US version and bring the company’s Exynos 5 Octa chip to other parts of the world.

The Galaxy S4 is widely expected to get a launch on March 14, 2013 after invites to an event from the South Korean manufacturer hinted at something of the sort. The device itself was grossly rumored over the past few months with several mockups falling in and out of favor. And everything from how it would look to its specs, from what software it would run to a release date was speculated.

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And actually, whispers about the phone’s heart had cropped up earlier as well. Back then it was though that it would use either of the aforementioned processors. But now according to a Taipei Times report, a JP Morgan note to its clients has revealed that both chips could co-exist with a sort of regional duality.

Just as Samsung did with the GS3, the successor to the S line might show us this dual personality, one suited to those regions which benefit from superfast LTE connectivity and the other which can cope in areas without it. Correspondingly, as PhoneArena is reporting, the version for the United States could get Qualcomm’s new quad core CPU manufactured using TSMC’s 28nm process while European models could get the company’s in-house 8-core chip.

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That’s all good, but what implications, what repercussions will this have? Well, what this means is that (if it turns out to be true) extra demand from Qualcomm might lead to diminished capacity for others, since there are not many foundries capable of 28nm manufacturing. But let’s put all those confusing technical details aside, and in the meantime enjoy a few teasers for the company’s upcoming mobile unpacked event as seen on the official Samsung Tomorrow blog.

Either way, we should know soon enough whether the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have multiple processors for different markets. In just about 2 weeks, the company is set up to unveil the gadget. And wouldn’t it be nice if it tagged along even one of the rumored capabilities such as a new Nature UI, and whatever the Eye Scroll and Eye Pause will have morphed into?

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