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Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with physical home button, no S Pen

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be bundled with an S Pen, but will retain a physical home button, according to the latest report surrounding the device. Instead of stylus functionality, it is claimed the handset will have support for a few touchless gestures. So if this rumor has any truth to it, that would mean that most of the mock-ups we’ve seen thus far were fake, since the images they tagged along didn’t have said hard key.

It had been reported earlier that the Galaxy S4 would have some sort of gesture control scheme, making it both futuristic and convenient. But now such talk has resurfaced, going against past reports that it would have a stylus, much like the company’s Note line. But as it has been pointed out, maybe the South Korean manufacturer wants to keep the two series separate, and this is where it draws the line.

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Another reason that’s being pulled out of hats for the lack of S Pen input is that the conglomerate doesn’t want to eat into its own sales. Keeping the two product lines distinct with different offerings and control schemes could be one way to do that. But that said, Samsung seems to be getting closer to merging the two as its handsets get larger and more speculation starts to come out regarding a smaller Note tablet.

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And Unwired View is reporting that according to Korean news website DDaily, the physical home button will stay for at least another iteration of the series. It further suggests that the menu button will be switched to the left of the aforesaid knob, while the back button has been shifted to the right. This violates Google’s OS guidelines which abolished the need for hard keys with Ice Cream Sandwich, but a few other manufacturers (including HTC) also continue to be set in their ways.

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As it is, we can’t comment on the authenticity of these rumors. But anyone eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 shouldn’t be too bothered whether it will come with the physical home button or not. The inclusion of the stylus on the other hand is much more of a selling point, and that the device may not come with S Pen functionality can be seen as disappointing.