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8 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps

Want to know about the best Samsung Galaxy S3 apps you could lay your hands on? Well, we have compiled a list for that very purpose. We’ve categorized 8 picks from Google Play comprising of graphically enriched games, photo editing tools, photo sharing applications and customizations that are sure to make the most out of your new smartphone. So without further ado, here they are:

1. Riptide GP –

Riptide GP

The Exynos 4 Quad is the latest SOC from Samsung and it’s this chip that powers the global version of the S3. We’ve picked Riptide GP as our first choice in gaming. Why? Well, that’s simple. This title is amongst the few that could make the most out of the graphics incorporated within the device. From real-time reflections to detailed vehicles and environments that are comparable to the quality delivered by consoles, this title delivers a rich gaming experience with 6 supercharged jet skis and performable stunts that are bound to keep you hooked for quite some time. Here, you basically have a choice of 12 levels that are accessible from 3 game modes, namely race, hot lap and championship.

Price: $1.99.

2. Shine Runner –

Shine Runner

From the makers of the popular Xbox 360 title Hydro Thunder Hurricane, comes another mobile-optimized game featuring HD visuals and speedy gameplay, through Shine Runner for Android devices. Unlike the professional tracks in Riptide GP, this title on our roster takes you through muddy waters in a destructible world where you can smash into shacks, fishing boats, chicken coops, gators and much more. With realistic boat physics, the game allows you to take control via external Bluetooth and USB gamepads.

Price: $0.99.

3. Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta

A relatively large screen would mean better visibility while accessing websites and reading text. And to enhance that experience, what could be better than giving Google’s very own Chrome web browser a go? Currently in the beta stage, this application is only available for Android devices running on the Ice Cream Sandwich platform; all the more reason why you should download it. Compared to the default browser shipped with versions prior to 4.0, this one allows you to open an unlimited number of tabs. And to make things convenient, they’re arranged in a stack that’s easy to access. Apart from quick surfing speeds with accelerated loading times, you can even browse the web privately in Incognito mode.

Price: Free.

4. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD

If you were to ask us about the most sought after app for browsing the internet, there’s no doubt that Dolphin Browser HD would be our pick. Here’s why – firstly, with the Sonar feature, you can conveniently search for content on the internet, share updates with social networking sites, bookmark pages and much more via simple voice commands. Next, it’s gesture support. This not only allows you to access any webpage in a jiffy, but also lets you set custom symbols or designs for each page. Moreover, tabbed browsing puts no stop on surfing, while add-ons bring a more personal touch to the application.

Price: Free.

5. Instagram


If you plan on sharing the stuff you clicked with your handset online, then you’d better be doing it in style. And who would know how to make images look richer and sharing easier better than Instagram? It’s fast, free and fun, says the developer, and they don’t seem to be wrong. Through this app, you can add various filtered effects to your captures, incorporate borders and even throw in some linear and radial tilt-shift blur properties. Once you’re done tweaking your images, it allows you to share pictures with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and foursquare, while Flickr support is in the pipeline.

Price: Free.

6. Camera360


If the effects on Instagram weren’t enough, then our next installment to our array, Camera 360, is sure to take image customization to a whole new level. With a simple layout that’s bundled with an ample number of effects and swift navigation, you can quickly snap up images with filters such as HDR, Lomo, Retro, Sketch, Tile-shift and various others. What’s more, there is a wide catalog of scenes to choose from. On clicking pictures, it allows you to compare the original with the customized one and even apply different effects on the spot. You get all this for absolutely no charge.

Price: Free.

7. Digital Flux

Digital Flux

Enough of applications – it’s time we listed out a couple of neat live wallpapers that take advantage of the 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display on the handset. For that, we’ve picked Digital Flux from a wide catalog of beautiful background animations. So what does it do? Designed with customizable metallic tiles, the animated layout pulses up and down rapidly, portraying a realistic 3D interface. Touching the tiles makes them look like they’ve been pushed, while pulling has the predictable effect. Moreover, you can paint these cubes in 2 different colors through a picker tool, for a more personalized experience.

Price: $0.99.

8. Fluid –


If you’ve noticed, the lockscreen on the South Korea-based manufacturer’s latest smartphone has that watery effect which brings out ripples on touching the display. Well, of course you have. And if you’re in love with it, then you’ll certainly find Fluid, our last addition to the roundup, interesting. This live wallpaper lends the ripple effect to your homescreen and app drawer. Being highly customizable, it packs in 27 pre-loaded backgrounds and a number of effects. Furthermore, you can download more images for free or even use your own wallpapers. The smooth animation is derived through adopting the Open GL technology. To top it off, the application comes with HDMI support as well.

Price: $1.99.


We hope you like our roundup of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 apps we could find that are capable of making the most out of the smartphone. So if you’ve managed to lay hands on this smartphone, do give these applications a try. And be sure to drop in a few words about your experience with the latest member of the Galaxy family.