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Samsung Galaxy S10 to ditch iris scan for in-display fingerprint, 3D Face Unlock

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept
Image Credit: Concept Creator

Samsung might be ditching its iris scanner in the Galaxy S10 if a new report out of South Korea is to be believed. The company had introduced the feature only a few years ago, but it might be time for it to bid the tool goodbye.

According to The Bell, Samsung is currently testing samples for various parts of the Galaxy S10. However, it hasn’t asked parts makers for equipment related to iris authentication. The publication is taking this as a sign that the company is looking to other, more trendy forms of authentication.

Samsung Galaxy S10 FOD or 3D Face Unlock

One possible candidate is a Fingerprint On Display (FOD) option. An in-display fingerprint scanner has reportedly been in development for years, but technical difficulties have always prevented Samsung from going forward. The Galaxy S10 could be the end of this streak.

The other possible candidate is a 3D facial recognition system, just like Apple’s Face ID tech. Xiaomi and Oppo have already developed their own versions of the iPhone’s scanner, so Samsung has to be at least considering it. The brand is apparently working with Mantis Vision to create the algorithms necessary for this.

The report claims that Samsung has abandoned iris unlocking because it’s 2 years old and the firm wants something innovative for its tenth-anniversary flagship phone. It further points out that the Galaxy S10 will be stuffed with too many authentication options if iris scanning sticks around. Removing it will also help cut costs and lighten the device’s weight.

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If things don’t go as smoothly as Samsung hopes and neither FOD nor 3D facial recognition works, it may just turn back to iris technology. The module might get the boot eventually, but it’s uncertain whether this will happen now or in the future. The Galaxy Note 9 is carrying support for it, so it’s not quite dead yet.

Samsung has supposedly given the code name ‘Beyond’ to the Galaxy S10. The standard version is said to measure 5.8-inch and the Plus variant 6.3-inch, a bit larger than the Galaxy S9 Plus’ 6.2-inch size.