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Samsung Galaxy S10, foldable phone secrets revealed by insiders

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Concept
Image Credit: YouTube/AndroidLeo

Leaks about Samsung’s hottest new phones are heating up, with the latest in-depth report revealing a number of details about the Galaxy S10 and “Winner,” the codename for the brand’s foldable device. It looks like the company is shaking up its high-end lineup next year to openly challenge Apple and revive its fortunes after the lackluster reception to the Galaxy S9.

Starting with the Galaxy S10, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg (via The Verge) that Samsung is collaborating with Verizon to launch the smartphone with a 5G wireless chip. There’s apparently going to be a fingerprint sensor underneath the display in at least the standard and Plus versions. The entry-level model may or may not feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, depending on the final cost.

Samsung Galaxy S10 No Bezel

The middle-of-the-road Galaxy S10, nicknamed “Beyond,” is said to have a dual-curved OLED screen as big as the 5.8-inch Galaxy S9, rounded corners, and next to no bezel at the top and bottom. The selfie camera is somehow going to be both “visible and tucked under the screen.”

It’s possible that Samsung will drill a tiny hole into the panel to fit in a front camera, as some have suggested. The Galaxy S10 will probably carry around 3 cameras on its back, giving some competition to the Huawei P20 Pro. The bigger Galaxy S10+ is likely going to be similar to its smaller sibling.

As for the basic Galaxy S10, insiders say Samsung is going to ditch the curvy edge panel. All 3 might give the headphone jack a miss, a sad loss for fans of the 3.5mm port. Android 9.0 Pie will be around. Interestingly, it seems the South Korean brand is collaborating with Google for a special version of the software for the Winner.

Samsung Phone Foldable Concept
Image Credit: NieuweMobiel

The foldable smartphone can go two ways at the moment. It’ll either stretch horizontally or vertically when unfolded. Both are supposed to “open from side and side.” The landscape-style design may have fallen out of favor with designers who think the portrait look is better because it’s easier to hold with one hand, even if the display looks narrow.

It’s hard to believe Samsung is still deciding what its bendable phone’s design will be at this point. The company is supposed to unveil the device next month at its Developer Conference. Sources think this is all just hype and what’s actually going to happen is that the firm’s mobile head DJ Koh will appear on stage with a bunch of engineers and show off the UI, detailed conceptual images, and features.

This is a bit disappointing to hear since everyone wants to know just what a foldable handset looks like in real life. As per the report, it opens with a snap using a hinge just like the flip phones of yesteryear, but with a much smoother feel. The screen is breakable and allegedly shatters like dried paper, not great news for clumsy folks.

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The current prototype apparently goes beyond 200g, too heavy for the average consumer. Samsung might have to cut down on the battery’s size because of this. The company hasn’t managed to insert a fingerprint sensor into the body of the device because of technical difficulties, so perhaps iris or face scanning will come to the rescue.

Another flip phone-era convenience is a 4-inch screen outside to let owners check their emails and texts. No price tags were hinted at in the article, but we’re going to go ahead and assume all these phones are going to be very expensive.