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Samsung Galaxy S10 may shift camera under screen for truly bezel-less display

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept
Image Credit: Benjamin Geskin

Notches have taken over the iPhone and Android world, but Samsung has been stubbornly resisting the trend ever since it sprang up. In great news for notch haters, it looks like the company is going to skip over the cutout entirely for a truly bezel-less screen in the Galaxy S10.

This groundbreaking news isn’t coming from a shady source, but Samsung itself. The brand recently hosted an OLED Forum conference in China where it revealed its new display technology. The “SDC Sensor Tech” combines four different elements to make sure there aren’t any interruptions on the screen.

Samsung Display Tech
Image Credit: Ice Universe

First, Fingerprint on Display (FoD) tech will remove the need for a physical fingerprint scanner. Second, the Under Panel Sensor (UPS) will probably contain the selfie camera and various other components. Thanks to this, there may not be visible holes at the top of the device. This is probably the biggest breakthrough for Samsung since no one else has managed to perfect this type of arrangement.

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Samsung vs Apple vs Android Rivals

Apple actually has a patent for placing cameras and other sensors underneath the screen, but who knows when that’ll appear in an iPhone. Android makers have been forced to come up with alternatives like placing lenses in sliding mechanisms, but moving parts tend to break down over time.

The other two technologies mentioned are Haptic on Display (HoD) and Sound on Display (SoD). The former is described as a game button on the screen, perhaps allowing vibratory feedback while paying games. The latter could be related to the microphone or speakers.

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It should be noted that Samsung didn’t actually confirm whether the Galaxy S10 will be benefiting from all these innovations. Rumors claim that the in-display fingerprint scanner will definitely be present in the handset, but everything else is uncertain.