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Samsung planning four Galaxy S10 models, one of them 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept
Image Credit: DBS Designing

Rumors about the Galaxy S10 have been pretty consistent about the fact that there are 3 models expected this year. However, a new one claims there might be a mysterious fourth variant with 5G powers.

XDA Developers recently dug through the code of a Galaxy S9+ update and discovered some interesting strings related to the Galaxy S10. The device is codenamed ‘Beyond’ and there were several lines of code with references to it, each divided into Qualcomm (q) and Exynos versions.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Models

The “beyond 0” is probably the basic Galaxy S10, the “beyond 1” the standard Galaxy S10, and the “beyond 2” the premium Galaxy S10+. That leaves the “beyond 2 5G” which sounds like a version of the Galaxy S10+ which supports 5G networks.

5G technology is expected to hit it big in 2019, but coverage and adoption will likely be slow at first. It looks like Samsung is preparing for that by giving customers the option between regular LTE and 5G. The Bell recently claimed that it’s going to produce 5G models in more limited quantities.

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The LTE Galaxy S10 models will probably run on a Snapdragon 8150 or Exynos 9820 processor, with the former reserved for the US and the latter for the rest of the world. The 5G Galaxy S10+ could adopt the Snapdragon X50 or Exynos 5100 SoC since they support 5G technology.

It’s not clear if this 5G Galaxy S10+ will be announced at launch or later. It’s possible that the company will show it off and then release it when 5G networks are ready in the US and South Korea, among other markets.

There’s always a chance this 5G model will never see the light of day. Samsung might drop it at some point between now and February 2019. We’ll let you know if more proof emerges in the meantime.