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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on video leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case
Image Credit: AllAboutSamsung

With just a few days to go for the Galaxy Note 9’s arrival, leaks are getting more and more revelatory. The latest one is a video handling the handset on camera.

It’s not clear if the device in the video is a working pre-production unit or a dummy model. The so-called Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t get switched on at any point during the short clip. The design does fall in line with previous rumors. Most people believe that the phone will closely resemble its predecessor, even as it’s set to cost a lot more.

Word on the street is that the Galaxy Note 9 will start at $940 (approx Rs 64400) for its 128GB option and end at $1215 (roughly Rs 83500) for its 256GB one. The back of the handset offers some clues as to why Samsung is making it so expensive.

As pointed out by GSMArena, the dual cameras at the rear of the alleged Galaxy Note 9 look just like the ones found on the Galaxy S9+. In fact, one could even say it’s the same setup but in a different orientation. The former has it in a horizontal position, while the latter has it in a vertical one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variable Aperture

This suggests that the Galaxy Note 9 will have the same variable aperture feature seen on the Galaxy S9+. The ability lets the camera adjust the aperture as per the setting, so there’ll be one aperture for low-light environments and another one for brightly lit surroundings.

There’s no way to tell what these apertures will be based just on this footage. The Galaxy S9+ varied between f/1.5 (low-light) and f/2.4 (bright light). Another big change which the Galaxy Note 9 is probably going to adopt is the position of the fingerprint scanner.

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As can be seen in the video above, the sensor has moved to below the twin lenses instead of beside them like last time. This will hopefully mean an end to accidental smudges and wandering fingers. Stay tuned for more on the Galaxy Note 9 the moment it comes out on August 9.