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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users facing light leak issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Light
Image Credit: Android Police (Left)/Android Central Forums (Right)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been out for a couple of weeks now, allowing consumers and reviewers to experience the handset for themselves. While the phone’s reception has largely been positive, there are a couple of people who’ve been facing a very specific problem with it.

It seems some Galaxy Note 9 units are leaking out light along the edge of the display. There appears to be a slight gap on the side where the curved glass meets the frame of the device. This opening is allowing a bright light to leak out, presumably from the screen. It’s not always a straight line, but it can be very distracting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Light Leak Complaints

Android Police reports that one of its Galaxy Note 9 review units is suffering from the issue. A former writer for the site, Paul Fidalgo, apparently swapped his unit 5 times looking for a perfect replacement. He came across a Best Buy display unit that wasn’t affected, but found the fault with others.

Even a couple of users have highlighted the issue on the Android Central forums. Both say their Galaxy Note 9 is bleeding light from the edge of the panel. Most of the people who’ve responded don’t seem to share their concern, so it’s possible this isn’t a widespread hardware problem.

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Android Police thinks the matter might have come about because of internal reflections in the glass spreading to the edge. The light subsequently projects out of the gap between the glass and the bezel. Since not all Galaxy Note 9 units have this crack, not all units are exhibiting this issue. The ones who do might have gone through some manufacturing error.

Samsung is aware of the matter and looking into it, so the brand should come out with an official statement soon. The light leaking out doesn’t really affect the Galaxy Note 9’s functionality, but no one wants a gap on the side of their smartphone. Tellingly, some Note 8 and S9 users are claiming they’re also facing the same concern, but on a smaller scale than the Note 9.