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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 coming out early to take on iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has been popping up with great frequency in the rumor mills nowadays, revealing a ton of information in the process. There might just be a reason behind this, as reports out of South Korea claim that the company is going to release the phone ahead of schedule.

This assumption is in turn being made based on reports which say that Samsung Display is going to start making OLED panels for the Galaxy Note 9 in April. This is pretty significant, because the company usually starts up this leg of the process in June. If the rumored timeline is accurate, this could mean the handset might come out in July or August.

The Galaxy Note 8 got launched in late August. The Galaxy Note 7 got launched a bit earlier than that in the same month, but we all know how well that went. Samsung is apparently eager to unveil its signature phablet to the world to make up for the less-than-stellar performance of the Galaxy S9.

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Customers haven’t responded to the Galaxy S9 as well as Samsung had hoped they would, which makes sense since it’s essentially an iterative update over the groundbreaking Galaxy S8. It’s not clear if the Galaxy Note 9 will follow the same path or offer something truly different.

The Investor states that the Galaxy Note 9 is going to become a bit bigger this year, shifting from a 6.32-inch display to a 6.38-inch one. Sadly, it doesn’t look it’ll be getting its hands on an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Another reason for Samsung’s rapid development might be Apple. New iPhones typically emerge from its cocoons in September, so the Galaxy Note 7 would have a significant head start if it came out in July.